Little Big Shots – 6-Year-Old Author and Entrepreneur (Episode Highlight)

At six years old, this incredible little big shot has written and self-published two books.
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NBC’s hit series Little Big Shots returns with more talented and unique kids from all over the United States and the world. Steve Harvey hosts the feel-good, family-friendly series, executive produced by Harvey and Ellen DeGeneres, and goes toe-to-toe with them in hilarious conversations and interviews.

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Viewers will be treated to never-before-seen acts, including everything from a pint-sized cowboy and snail whisperer to a professional animal caller and remarkable young experts in anatomy, geography and even Shakespeare. Adding to the fun will be kids who are incredibly gifted in music – ranging from opera to pop to rap, on instruments that include piano, guitar, drums and more.

Little Big Shots – 6-Year-Old Author and Entrepreneur (Episode Highlight)

Little Big Shots

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  1. Oh my God…. Man let me tell y'all something right now. There is absolutely NOTHING.. absolutely NOTHING you can tell me, about there not being a God. She is absolutely nothing short of a miracle! God bless her big heart & her family for allowing her to grow up to be the young girl she is.

  2. When i was 3 or 2 my mom said i could already speak in full sentences and since i was a twin my mom said my brother he would always talk gibberish and i would always say what he ment and my mom would be like what how do you even know what he said and my older brother was like "there twins it's gonna be like that"

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