Magic of Faith by Joseph Murphy

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35 Comments on “Magic of Faith by Joseph Murphy”

  1. Joseph you are truly benefiting the collective consciousness of our universe. Thank you! Peace and blessings from an up and coming successful real estate entrepreneur.

  2. Thank you for the books. The notes are great. I listen and take notes as you go through. You have a lot of books that I think are great, but know I will probably never read. You system allows me to get the guts of the book while I can still read other leadership books in my spare time.

  3. Hi Joseph, Thank You for another great study. I loved the study done on Joseph Murphys, 'The Power of Your Subconscious Mind' and have listened to it several times (as well as reading the book) as I believe our subconscious holds the key to how well we do life. Blessings from Australia.

  4. Thank you Joseph brilliant brilliant! I am so thankful and grateful that I manifested listening to this recording! Please keep up the good work you are truly a blessing everyday to millions of people

  5. months ago I once came across this channel and thought of watching your videos later in my holidays, but today I forgot your channel name and couldn't find your channel despite hours of searching and then I gave up with frustration. Then suddenly I found your channel , and resolving that I will never forget about this channel , I said 'Joseph Rodrigues' 30 times to commit this channel's name forever to my memory. I am not lying. :'D

  6. I got told in two job interviews that I should smile more and be more "energetic".. what are your thoughts on that? I guess its good feedback and that I should live up to that

  7. Many people think they live on a globe without questioning. Water always remains level proving we live on a flat plane. Water can't stick to a ball. Moon landings were faked

  8. Hi Joseph….A lots of love from India.
    You are doing a great job bro.
    Randomly i saw ur channel then i subscribed , i found lots of good videos.
    You are doing a hard work ,u put lots of efforts and time for us. i appreciate ur work bro. God Bless U.. i will share ur channel in INDIA. U deserve millions of subscribers. You save the time of people who love to read books. Hats of to u..

  9. Joseph I just came across your channel and I thank the Lord for making that happen. I really enjoy your breakdown of these books and appreciate the work you do to help others. Love and light always

  10. Dear Joseph, Thank you for your keen insights! I always enjoy listening to new perspectives on the power of our thoughts and mind. May you continue to have good health, prosperity and joy! Best wishes, Dianna

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  12. I have a question… what if we are very sincere to someone and love them with all our heart but that person cheated on us? that could be a very surprising thing for us that we've never thought about.. what condition is this??

  13. I just subscribed. Going through a breakup and I lost everything I own. Sleeping on floor of a co worker and my car was totaled. Through this I’m searching to take control of my life and finding your Chanel has been a huge blessing. You’re helping me greatly.. thank you.

  14. God bless you. Your oratory is clear and crisp, like seams on freshly ironed khakis. The "thief in the night" allusion was spot on. "It is useless to try to add power to power" That was a mix drop moment. Subscribed.

  15. Nice lecture. Funny how I did this unconsciously in sale's but did not apply this to other part's of my life. Now i know that life is whole and not separate. You articulate so well. Thank you.

  16. Watch your videos, I’ve realized most of my problems. I feel a little overwhelmed only bc it’s the belief aspect that needs work. People have burning desires from their belief. So, learning to cultivate that is my #1 goal. I love your channel so much!

  17. When you talk about how energy flows with your attention this statement should be elementary, yet it's revolutionary if you haven't realized that's what moves reality because it is how we will react to any given circumstance

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