Making Badass Developers – Kathy Sierra (Serious Pony) keynote

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From Fluent 2015. “Every moment of every day there’s a new language, framework, format, protocol to learn. Nobody has a more dynamic skill set than a web developer. We’ll look at the one metaskill to rule them all: The ability to come up to speed and stay there, over and over again.

Abouyt Kathy Sierra (SeriousPony):
Kathy Sierra worked as a game programmer, interaction designer, and learning specialist (Sun Microsystems, UCLA Extension) before creating the best-selling Head First series for O’Reilly. She was the original creator of one of the largest software developer communities,”

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14 Comments on “Making Badass Developers – Kathy Sierra (Serious Pony) keynote”

  1. I too love her when i heared her name itself – Kathy Sierra. She also knows for Java as moderator. I love evrything about her. Her works , thought process and dedication. Love u Kathy and all good wishes for your works. God bless you.

  2. Awesome! This should be a TED talk about learning in any cognitive-consuming work environment, not just programming!

  3. Limited Will Power; so learn by just throwing shit at the wall! I love it, goes with the CICD pipeline and fast failure. That's been my path all along, exposure / deep dive / trial by fire.


  4. Node uses promises and async/await which completely solve problem with nested callbacks. She should know this in 2015.

  5. Kathy Sierra is amazing!! I've revisited this lecture multiple times and there's always something great to glean from it.

  6. I had nervous breakdown, while watching, my life is miserable, because of all this things, I always Keep feeling inside me, which makes my very exhausted.

  7. I don't understant one thing a doctor never identify his job any where,or an officer never identifies his job any where but a developer every tell I am a developer,I am this…what is this hell?

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