Man’s Search For Meaning by Viktor Frankl

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24 Comments on “Man’s Search For Meaning by Viktor Frankl”

  1. This book has been transformational in my life. After a very tough situation I came across it and I am very happy I did. Thank you for sharing your notes from the book. It's great the way you explain it ))

  2. Joseph, I'd like to thank you. In 2017, my life took a turn for the worst due to Lyme Disease – I had to stop my career as a Psychologist and move back with family due to ill health. The last few months I have been listening to your videos most nights. They have helped me keep a positive mindset and remain hopeful things will improve. In addition, since June I've been working from home on a digital business idea which is now starting to create some income. I do not think this would have been the case if not for the audio books on your channel. Cheers man!

  3. A wonderful video… One of the best I've see on personal and business development… Keep teaching and enlightening others with your training and videos.

  4. The whole idea is just Stoicism. Nice organization and narrating Joseph, but I think this book is just duplicated idea of Stoicism. Just go search for Stoicism to save more time instead of reading the whole book, much efficient.

  5. Thank you so much, I learned a lot from the material you presented!
    On another note, I’d love to hear your interpretation on “12 rules for life” by Jordan Peterson, please and thank you in advance!

  6. I am an « old soul » in personal developpement and as such I wasn’t anticipating to say that to anybody, but you taught me something. I am impressed. Thank you !

  7. I have listened to 20min of this talk and turned it off. While it is a good talk it most certainly does not give a talk on "Man's search for meaning" this guy uses the book to promote his talk and has the audacity to call it study notes on Man's Search for Meaning. When giving a talk on this book; the talk must be given in accordance with its true meaning as told by Dr. Frankl and not by an opportunistic idiolog like this guy. I appreciate that most of you commenting have probably never heard a real talk on this book, the following below is the name of a talk on YouTube. Do yourselves a favour and look it up.

    Meaning of life: Frankl search for meaning. Teachphilosophy.

    Only listen to talks by those who have actually studied this book and not by those who poach the sayings and use them for their own advantage.

  8. [Joseph! You're awesome ? thanks for taking time to make this video]

    Every year I will have my own personal retreat for a week – alone. But this year I’m going with a team to Ba’kalalan, the Lun Bawang settlements in the northern highlands of Sarawak. I’m at the crossroad of my life-vocation now, so I choose Frankl’s "Man Search for Meaning" (formerly known as From Death-Camp to Existentialism) as my reflection book together with selected Scripture verses.

    Why I choose the book title is obvious but why I choose to read memoir-history on holocaust I’m not so sure. Maybe I was influenced by another Holocaust survivor memoir Ellis Weasel’s "Night," or maybe by "The Diary of a Young Girl"’s Anne Frank, or perhaps it was Corrie Ten Boom’s "The Hiding Place," maybe it was by the fact that I’m interested in real-life stories. Whatever influenced me, I’m glad and happy with my choice.

    To read my review of this book and 5 Lessons that I learned from Victor E. Frankl's Man’s Search for Meaning (2014, first published 1946), CLICK HERE:

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