Marketing Plan Example

I used to work with one of my friend Louis and his business for restaurant marketing.

Which is the market for your restaurant, we have talked about this before.

And if you ring a restaurant sir late in the morning he would be the most lovely chatty, friendly, helpful people But if you made the mistake of calling him at lunch time Let's think about this, pretend that you're a restaurant sir.

What are you? You're restaurant sir And I call you, let's pretend this to make this easy I'm the business coach and I say Hi.

By the way, lets just say the same.

it's lunch time you place is packed.

Kitchen catching on fire, the chef is coming drunk.

Customers are kinda complaining, everything's going on, you know about restaurant right? In the middle of that chaos I call you, the phone rings and you, kinda like to say Hallo And I say Hi my name is Taki I'm the business coach with XYZ coaching Where the guys who help your money and work with sales.

Have you got the minute for the phone? What's your blink reaction Get lost.

who am I, what kinda person I'm nuisance, I'm a distraction, who am I?, I'm telemarket, I'm sales guy, I'm a jerk anyone meet to live.

Let's get this right, even I've been the best coach in the planet even if minutes with me would just make magic happen even if my attention is good, my heart pure it's over when I actů Hallo.

do you with me? You got the time when maybe your marketing did really well or you got refer on somebody calls you, it's different isn't it.

It was the first time happen to me.

I was just blown and this is cool.

How much more lucky that someone who calls you to be the buyer, percentage wise, what do you recon.

800% at least double would you agree? How go from now on is this we get them call us rather than us having to chase them You might write that down.

How to get clients to call you? And I wanna show you a quick example how to make that.

You got the idea right.

Let's make this simple practical.

So I got this guy coach kurt, actually what you're doing.

Anyway I'm showing you this letter, he's one of the joint venture.

Anyone understand the idea like the joint ventures and histological answers Please raise your hands if you know this.

Ok cool.

So once they like this get network people to referring business but here is a thing Coach is like a super dominant, directive, bossy, not a people, person avails.

If you are in networking group you probably wanna kinda run or kick him or something.


So like he wants a.

once we set up a joint venture but he's not coldly people.

Ok the only way pull it up may be with the direct mail or letter.

So send this letter out to 40 accountants surround by the junction nearby.

And this is what happen the next day.

And I just kinda work with the butchery, if you don't even work with He gets a phone call and the guy says hi is that Kurt the coach.

Yes it is.


My name is bla.



from expertise accounting I just got your letter.

I'm wanna have a business coach, alright And I said.

I didn't say that probably think it in the inside with alright.

He didn't say that, must be clipped.

I want a business coach and I want my 6 accountants to be business coached as well.


and I wanna be offered coaching is avail service 250 best clients Just like ha.


But I read the letter.

The letter says that you only work with one person in that area.

So I would just take a minute to convince you why should you choose us.

Who would love to get that phone call.

Right that's what I'm talking about.

I just wanna give you some kind of the example.

Let me talk about the guy before, who was 30 grand in debt.

Heů having fun Marketing is the coolest thing.

I gotta to boast, I got to share with you guys.

So it's like 30 grand in debt.

And he wants to target restaurant We talk a little bit about restaurant causeit's kinda like same thing.

Here's an idea ů If you know anything about restaurantlike you say just my restaurant rules choice.

How much passion that I put in, it's like full in it.

it's like an expression of them it's kinda like their baby, Isn't it.

So there's so much pride and ego and.

I mean ego in the right way.

Like so much of yourself got into your restaurant.

So the treating getting to know about restaurant isnumber 1 there is a lot of ego involved.

Number 2 is very scarce.

You know the difference about abundant and scarcity? They don't share at all.

Like let say you and me are best friends.

And you run a restaurant in Perth and I'm in Sydney.

I'm still not gonna share.

just in case my customers go to you too much.

You get that.

that serius that's how they are.

I mean that they're in respect but that's how they are.

So that how we take that idea, this case anywayhow do we use that like the gum like paid to click that there's the bubble gum right there.

Check this letter out, this is just instantly cool.

So if you pick the area that's kinda most in this fit,here is in Sidney.

Ya some of you guys have'nt read it, that's great.

This is an actual letter not an email but has a ccwhich basically let say on ray you run kata luna.

And roll you run paulkin alchemy and endora.

Hi you probably not gonna write to all of your worst enemies as well.

One that I got to say the important time is all the essense.

If you own restaurants try to get into these things.

Basically let me just say, hey listenI know that you don't want them knowing.

You with me isn't this evil.

Totally love it.

Sir my name is Simon, I'm actually coach bla.


for just trying to help business industry in your area.

Any trouble that I can help? One.

And he goes on any total store,little case study might wanna quickly stands.

You might wanna do like testimony is a good case studythat's kinda better.

we do the case study like this.

like 4 minutes,like 3 minutes left we're gonna talk quickly.

Cause that's gonna be on your mind better.

Case study first point.

The situation before if you just wanna say it's treated, it was the miss that's in your mind.

Number 2 what you did.

What just what I did roll the point ,kinda go to details.

Anything you got like technic that you use, given 69.

So like this case , was this call the scarcity letter before.

or call the case letter, I thought it's gonna be evil.

So just bullet your nine.

like the xyz to button belly rub technique whatever it is just put that in.

Any way that came from.

So situation before hand what you did.

Just in bullet 2,3 or 4 bullets Number 3 the happy ending and that's the result.

The win at the end.

So I just to link here what you can't see but this our weekly in the cafe in this situation.

This is what I did and then this where the happy ending.

They're just graduated from the programnow and run for one more restaurant or cafe.

But I can only work with one.

First debt he calls for 45 minutes express inquisition First in this rate, if I'm holding that right now so you better call.

You might wanna like 60 what to say 67 and a half friends.

That's pretty good isn't it.

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