Mel Robbins | One of the Best Talks Ever on Self-Motivation

The Secret to Self-Motivation | One of the best talks ever. Mel Robbins says it only takes 5 seconds to change your life. In her now famous TED talk that’s been viewed millions of times, Robbins breaks down how simple and effective this simple system can be.

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29 Comments on “Mel Robbins | One of the Best Talks Ever on Self-Motivation”

  1. She is my true inspiration.. She has changed my life… Thankyu so much mel… I wish i had found you earlier…

  2. Thanks you very much for your wonderful thoughts and time to help others,we are like sisters ?I care about others too much and I forget about myself sometimes thanks a million with Good Blessings Maria

  3. OMG! You are the best! I wish I could explain how much difference you do to people life… but I can’t !!! I just can say THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK you!!! God bless you Mel ??

  4. Mel Robbins you are SO AMAZING!!!! These videos and your process has literally changed my entire life. I cannot thank you enough

  5. The best part of her conversation is that she actually lived and experienced bad times … and she explains how hard it is to motivate ourselves to get moving and how to start overcoming our procrastination.

  6. *this chick is so right. I never felt right to start my youtube channel, I never felt ready to start pilot training last summer "nah I don't got enough money…I'm not all studied up yet, maybe in 6 more months, I'll push back the date*".
    But I disobeyed my brain and made myself do it, now I'm a pilot in 4 months last summer, and almost at 1K with youtube (:

  7. some improvements ..I notice if I move when a 5..4..moment takes place, I get the thing done.. Mel reaches the bogged down…as well as the achiever looking to hit the next level…
    so far I am able to veer away from cornsyrupy.. caffeinated..carbonated dr pepper.. :. 54321 GREEN ! green replaces the brown dr pepper…green tea..herbal tea..'green machine' drink..Gary null screen stuff' drink powder..

    Mel is da bomb..a Ferrari….

  8. A wonderful person…Mel has changed my life, still fighting the self preservation feelings, but stick with it and change bad habits of a lifetime into a more productive life. Life is for living…Just smash it today and the rest of your life.

  9. I use to use something like the 5 second rule in my college days. I use to be painfully shy about talking to women, but the I would count 3…2…1. By the time i went to 1, i would say "hi". My friends thought I was some bold and confident guy. But I was trying not to be single for the rest of my love. It worked. I'm now married and have a family. So, no need to use it for that purpose. But never thought about using this rule in other aspects of my life until now. This makes sense.

  10. Amd you have kids and a guy a family a home to do it for too..i don' support. You skipped the 5 seccond PLUS REAL GREAT SUPPORT FROM SOMEONE BUT YOURSELF the world doesn't work if you are not part of the "i have kids and a family" community.
    Do you have a tip hoe to get loved without lovers who give around you?

  11. Hi Behind The Scene staff, I'm here to help… I'd love to help spread all the useful information you share… make it more accessible to everyone, I'd love to help create the subtitles in English for your videos so people who can't hear can actually get benefited from everything you share…I'm just here to help

  12. In the book "The Slight Edge." – Jeff Olson He says that "whatever you need to do to succeed, you already know." And that fact was excellently demonstrated by Mell. Now we have a choice – Procrastinate or 5 – 4 – 3 – 2 – 1 Action! Then DO what you SAY.

  13. Hi Mel! It took me months to understand that the most difficult was the thing to do, the fastest I had to count down.. and not from 5.. I needed it to be way shorter. And you was right: if it doesn't work, you don't want to change.

  14. I really like Mel she's a hero of mine. What's she's overcome and is doing is such a motion and Empowering. She's just incredible!! ?

  15. Thank you Mel. As a mom of 3 that has suffered from severe depression for many years you're really helping me to think differently. I want to grow my YouTube channel and I know doing that will also make me hold myself accountable. I will Have to get up, get dressed, clean the house ect. ❤?

  16. I don't understand motivational speakers, how they are allowed to give that kind of advice? Obviously, change comes with commitment but underestimate the complexity of the mind is quite arrogant. It's true that change is mostly mental, whatever you material status is, but reaching a decent emotional and cognitive level is not free and easy trick I don't think it would help.

  17. This should have all millennials (including me) tuned in like a CRAZY! What a great piece of content! thank you so much. keep it going!

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