Mexico VS China – Who's a Better Trade Partner?

Patrick Bet-David sits with Former US Ambassador to Mexico Earl Anthony Wayne to discuss an array of topics. In this particular topic, they discuss who is a better trade partner China or Mexico. Stay tuned for a full interview coming soon on Valuetainment. Make sure to subscribe to Valuetainment for the updates:

About Earl Anthony Wayne: Earl Anthony Wayne (born 1950) is an American diplomat. Formerly Assistant Secretary of State for Economic and Business Affairs, Ambassador to Argentina and Deputy Ambassador to Afghanistan, Wayne served nearly four years as Ambassador to Mexico.

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36 Comments on “Mexico VS China – Who's a Better Trade Partner?”

  1. So correct me if I’m wrong but it’s kinda like the iPhones being made in China. They make them and “secretly” run off and spiff it and make their own?

  2. STEALING intellectual property is not good China! Though Chinese people are way fast in manufacturing they are going to feel this slap from the USA. Great knowledge share Patrick!

  3. i always wonder why us not trying (or trying more) to help Mexico so Mexico would be more like Canada. that'd solve lots of problems on the border.

  4. Just pray to god we dont start shifting manufacturing from China to Mexico. I dont want my stuff to break every 3 months.

  5. the main strategies of one belt one road are: 1, bribe key officials, so they'd accept the ccp government's conditions which would surely favor the ccp government; 2, the top condition for a country to get money from the one belt is never ever criticizing the ccp government for whatever it's doing in china; 3, get some strategic assets, such as sea ports, airports, gateways of important transportation (such as panama canal), etc. as collateral, so the ccp government would have control over those assets if the loan defaults, which the ccp government would see it to happen; 4, projects with one belt money must mostly use materials and labors from china, which are usually from companies owned by families of the ccp government officials or their relatives.

  6. Seeing the negative comments about Mexico
    Yes, you stupid ignorant fuck!
    Mexico does a lot of trading with the US!
    But your feelings get in the way because the media only shows you the negative

  7. Yes, China is less innovative and therefore copycats everything but are they really trying to steal tech IP, eg Huawei debacle? Or is this like how George W. Bush's intelligence claimed Iraq had weapons of mass destruction but couldn't provide any proof of credible evidence? Don't start hating on me I'm just asking the question…

  8. Without even watching the video…. I’m going to say Mexico.

    I may stand corrected after receiving more information.

    Mexico is part of America .
    China is not, so this is where my belief comes from.

  9. The thing that I don’t like about this trade is that I really believe that this kind of deals don’t help the Mexican economy , they help more the US economy. Idc what donald trump says. Our people get paid so little money for doing the same job or even a better job than a US citizen I work in a outsourcing that gives services to an American company I get paid in Mexico so little and a person in the USA gets paid 5 times more for the same job even if I do a better job. My point is at the end of the day a US company uses people in India or Mexico with super low paid to get profits ( which they can take to the USA and pay taxes there bc WE have laws that let them ) I listen so much stuff like give me my job back , please take them and give mexico a chance to grow and innovate not just work as slaves to your corps. OUR government ( Mexican ) sold us just as much as your corporations sold you ( the us citizens ) those deals are made between corps ( that give money to your US candidates ) and Mexican polititians that are corrupt as hell
    Some of your corps without the hard low paid Mexican people will not have that much profit and will make your products so much expensive

  10. Snowflakes ❄ all of them. They can't keep up with the Chinese style of competition so they bitch about 'them stealing IP' . IP in the 21st Century just does not work. It hinders actively progress, as proven by Chinese Company's within China over the last two decades. How about less bitching and more competing 😉

  11. What China is doing is only fair from my point of view. What happened to teach a man to fish instead of just giving them the fish? What has happened is the US is getting more and more used to the leverage of knowing something other countries don't. The US found a 3rd option. Sell them the fish. Its another kind of exploitation.

  12. why bring a plastic toy from the other side of the globe when it can be shipped for half the price from Mexico. image your iPhones being 33 Percent cheaper and better quality built.

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