MILLIONAIRE Mindset | Motivational Video for Entrepreneurs

I feel so strongly that the reason.

I'm here is I dream big dreams If you dream big and surround yourself with great people and leave your ego at the door.

You can do anything Take [a] look around me If you don't succeed pick yourself up and and you [know] try again Community ultimately, you know if you you know if you're that determined you will succeed in [Iife] literally I've made billions of dollars of failures that Amazon.

Com literally billions of dollars of failures they don't matter what really matters these companies that don't Continue to experiment, companies that don't embrace failure.

Well my favorite phrases is screw it, let's do it.

Don't sleepwalk in life, but don't don't say it's all going to be great.

You [know] I'll do this and I'll do that I've told people.

That's like saving up sex for your old Lady I Don't have to do you know follow it Wall street is telling me to do in a quarter or something like that So I own the brush I own the canvas and the canvas is unlimited This is what we came for We could have won it anymore Never [saw] so many people try to talk me out of starting a [race] company.

It was crazy when good friend of mine Collected a whole series of videos of Rockets blowing up, and maybe watch [the] Houston or me lose all my money We're doing these things that seem unlikely to succeed, and if we've been fortunate and be successful.

They have to [you] Don't allow anyone to tell you that what you [are] dreaming for yourself and your family is not possible it is Yes If you're going to compete with me and one of my businesses you better realize And I'm working 24 hours a day to kick your ass work hard like in Every way [now] you need to be stubborn on this vision because otherwise it'll continue to give up But you want to do their steps with you know passion and ferocity [I'm] not going to let a fear stand in the way of something that I believe is valuable.

We want a restlessness of the [Elimin] and I like Somebody's always after you, but you're going to stay ahead of them.

You always want to be on the move it has to do linked to something that you are so passionate and Crave the time that you're willing to knock down Walls And climb mountains and do the things that are going to put yourself in a position Sacrificing so many other things for its debt And you can only do that when there's a compelling underlying feeling that you have but this is something.

I'm going to fight the biggest Come on in our story you.

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