Minimum Wage Debunked – Why Amazon & Walmart Love the Idea

What is the purpose of minimum wage? Is it a myth, is it a propaganda, is it a good thing? In this video Patrick Bet-David debunks the topic. Don’t forget to subscribe.

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28 Comments on “Minimum Wage Debunked – Why Amazon & Walmart Love the Idea”

  1. Im curious pat you said you choose to pay your people 15/hr because you want them to have a good life and attract talent, so where is your business located? And im asking this because you also pointed out that 15/hr is near poverty wages so i can't help but question your authenticity. Also what skills are you referring to? Is there a certification for these skills? How do you as business person test for these skills in the hiring process because in the about 20 years ive been working nobody has asked, tested, or even mentioned having or developing any kind of skill set. Even in the trade I've been working in it's rare that they have any kind of practical knowledge or skills test, and nobody is willing to offer training of any kind.

  2. You got a new subscriber man. I'm a dyhard Bernie fan, but I'm always looking for the other side of the arguement. Keep it up man! I'm so sick of the emotion pandering in modern politics

  3. I just don’t get why raising minimum raise causes everything to go up like don’t these huge companies make enough money? Why do people have to live below poverty and why do we have to work our life away?

  4. Employers are scared of UBI Because people will not work for them! Patric Bet David is one of them, he is scared of loosing his sales agents.. he thinks UBI is socialism, that in itself tells us that is soo wrapped in the existing version of capitalism.. he doesn’t understand trickle up economy!

  5. Patrick, thanks for doing the research that most people won't and telling the truth the way you see it. Many people are too afraid to speak up or even question the bullshit they are being fed.

  6. The rent in most cities are too high, people can't afford to accept low wages to sustain high rents and mortgages. In Tampa Florida, a One-bedroom apartment cost $900 monthly to rent. Jobs in Tampa don't want to pay above $14 for a job that needs skills such as customer service agents. So who controls the cost of Rents? The government doesn't control rents, they have power over minimum wages.

  7. FACT. Walmart shows up in a town with minimum wages and low prices and puts small businesses out of business. They core out the profitable middle with negotiated lower prices and crater the small town economy. Seen it happen.

  8. All of this pro business slant aside, if this is the greatest country on earth, then people working 40 hours a week should be able to survive ( food, rent, clothing – the basics ). Everyone against a living wage is earning multiples of the minimum wage.Shameful.

  9. I totally agree, I totally regret studying in brick and mortar and incurring 400k in student loans, HR people attribute no difference between the degree free online or if you spent 6 or 7 years actually attending physical human taught classes at a 45k per year private university supposedly ranked top 100. And, I would even go so far as to say that HR people despise seeing a candidate who went to an expensive college versus a candidate who earned their own money and "made it" themselves paying their own way, and doing an online program.

  10. Amazing content Pat. You know you made me keep thinking about some of the thing going on in my country Ethiopia. The new Prime Minister refuse to raise salary for public workers and people get mad at him. But now I understand that if he did what people asked him to do, we would have ended in Hyperinflation. I have been watching your videos keep doing what you do man. They are insightful

  11. If raising minimum wages puts small shops out of business and allows large companies to control prices, then maybe we have a regulation issue, not a salary issue.

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