Misconception About Automation and Artificial Intelligence

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28 Comments on “Misconception About Automation and Artificial Intelligence”

  1. ⛔️ Most of us know that the only constant is change … !
    ? To consider : even the change itself is subject to change … !!! ?
    This is one of the reasons for why history do NOT repeat itself "exactly" … !!!
    Yes, automation has been "around" for the longest time … BUT … "this time around" ( the next 10 – 20 years ) "things will be different" as the automation will both add to, as well as replace human "based" intelligence with machine "based" intelligence ; A.I. …
    This is not just "the next new thing" in a steep but linear development curve ; this is a new "dimension" in an, from now on , exponential development curve …
    The I.A. revolution, which is now "around the corner", will, as a whole, have more impact on humanity than the industrial revolution ever had … ⛔️

  2. hey pat you're really out of depth here. it's ok for you to not be an expert on everything. you don't have to pretend to be confident on every subject when you clearly do not even have the basic understanding of the issue. if you did more research on the concerns of automation you wouldn't have made this ridiculous video. go watch a few videos on automation, artificial intelligence, and andrew yang, and then try again.

  3. Great points, Patrick! The evolution of our species advances. Yet change can be difficult. I prefer to focus on how this will improve our lives, give us more opportunities to innovate, become resourceful, and eliminate time- and effort-wasting mistakes with repetitive procedures that don't necessitate people using their creativity, inspiration, or unique abilities that will help further our evolution. As an entrepreneur, I'm studying (in my free time, ha ha) Napoleon Hill, Ray Dalio, Andrew Carnegie, Richard Branson, Henry Ford, et al. Automation will force/enable/empower us to adapt, to improve, to become better thinkers…"All achievement, all earned riches, have their beginning in an idea; if you are ready for the secret, you already possess one half of it; therefore, you will readily recognize the other half, the moment it reaches your mind" (Napoleon Hill, Think and Grow Rich).

  4. I agree with Patrick in what he said, but he only mentioned the time we'll save thanks to automation. He didn't talk about jobs that will be lost/created by automation. He also never mentioned AI and Augmented Intelligence, these two can create a godlike but tiny upperclass while leaving everybody else as lowerclass workers(not to mention Artificial Superintelligence can even wipe out all humanity).

  5. You sold out to Satan. Sold your kids to the devil. Mother nature is our only hope and you slapped her in the face. Enjoy your millions in this life. You don't get to enjoy the next

  6. Patrick PLEASE READ "The War on Normal People" https://amzn.to/31aZH9e it presents facts, data, and figures about the ACTUAL threats of AI and Automation. The benefits in advancing technology to the consumer you talk about are NOT the issue and is a TOTAL misunderstanding of the AI issue. Entrepreneurs and driven people will ALWAYS have an advantage especially with the "extra time" you are describing.

    The issue that is being discussed (and let's be honest Andrew Yang is the only legitimate candidate talking about AI and automation) is the massive job displacement that will take effect for the "Normal People". The Top 5 jobs for the US will be automated away very soon. Skilled Jobs like radiologists and paralegals will be reduced down cause of AI. The normal entry level jobs for white and blue collar workers will not be around for my kids.

    Future Entrepreneurship is going to be encouraged and an advantage but everyone watching this channel knows that a vast majority of people are not looking for that.

    I think if you really looked into Andrew Yang and pressed him on serious questions or even read "the war on normal people" https://amzn.to/31aZH9e you would have a WAY better understanding of the situation. I like your talks Pat but Based on these last few videos around these topics I don't think you have done enough research into the data. At the very least you might disagree with the solutions but you wouldn't be unaware of the problems.

    Invite Andrew Yang on your show! He will def come on and you BOTH are focusing on entrepreneurs and have the same target audience. Ask him the toughest questions you have, he doesn't shy away from them. He has been on channels as big as Joe Rogan and small as 88 subscribers. He is willing to go onto anywhere that will take him to get the message out.

  7. er, so what are the 50 million drivers taxi drivers/truck drivers going to do now? whats gonna happen to all the trucker stops and small towns that depend on their business

  8. Sure Pat. Everyone can listen to podcasts read books and become coders and entrepreneurs. Then they forgo eating and use their imaginary money to invest and get millions of dollars

  9. I worked at a factory doing repetitive work for a couple of years. My hands got so strained. Operating a machine that would do my manual labor would've save so much strain. Great points Patrick.

  10. My kids used to worry about their friends not answering a text within 3 seconds of checking on them. I told my kids that 30 years ago if my friends were sick here is how we would find out. We would be waiting for our friends at school, realize that they are late or not showing up. The bell would ring and they are not in class, so that probably meant they were not coming. You waited until the school day was over and after getting home make a call to their house. Maybe they answered or maybe they didn't. you left a message, if they had a answering machine, then waited until they called back. Then finally around 6 or 7 pm they call back and let you know they were sick. But guess what? Life went on. The human race can actually go on without knowing if a friend is sick for the day and we do not receive a text from them in 2.3 seconds after they wake up. Life will go on if we forget our phone and we cannot see ESPN's score updates, or Fox News latest "News Alert".

  11. First you need to be able to afford an automated car, which pretty much only includes rich people. That’s why they have no issue with AI

  12. Dude, Andrew Yang is not demonizing technology and artificial intelligence, he agrees that technology brings more productivity, what he is poking at are the companies who benefited the most from advancement of technology and leaving the majority of American citizen in an accumulated stress, he is talking about the system and people not the technology itself. Yang's proposal is the redistribution of wealth that works for all people. I am pretty sure that some people will abuse it, but to most of conscientious Americans it is a boost of morale.

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