Money Making Secrets of Marketing Genius Jay Abraham and Other Marketing Wizards by Mr X

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29 Comments on “Money Making Secrets of Marketing Genius Jay Abraham and Other Marketing Wizards by Mr X”

  1. Thanks Joseph. This is awesome. This week I've been going back over your MindMap a Business book course as I've been ratcheting up my products and services. Next up, your Entrepreneurship course. Your analytics will probably show me watching the intro like 20 times this week!

    Thanks for this bonus video. Throwing the actionable 20% I need right now into My master MindManager mindmap.

  2. Umm, how is it that a legend like Jay has less than 16k in subscribers, Joseph thanks for reminding us who to spend time with along with mean old Dan Kennedy lol

  3. Can’t listen to this while I sleep ?….Don’t want the advertisements going into my subconscious mind….Thanks for the video I’ll be listening tomorrow ✌?

  4. Joseph, this video is, in Mr Abraham's words:

    "A very deep, no-no sense, introspective, preeminent, full reflective, empowering, ethical, and goal action-oriented video"

    Thanks for this christmas gift!

  5. Hi @Joseph Rodrigues, can you please make some mind maps from the philosopy of: 1. Brad Sugars /Action coach (fixing companies, systematisation of companies and data driven marketing) and 2. Dan Pena (The 50 Billion dollar man – unique M&A system to create generational wealth in only 3-7 years) . Mind map of their systems and procedures. Thnx. If I would know how: I would start with BASIC (simpler version) then developed FULL VERSION of a mind map – for each of them. Just an suggestion, hopefully you will benefit from their material and knowleadge and If you choose to systemise it graphically in xMind – it'll be a big benefit to all of us who use your material / maps. Thnx.

  6. I wake up everyday listening to one of your summaries. It opens my mind to new ideas and concepts and cover the most influential books. Thank you Joseph for taking the time to create such valuable content for the community!

  7. Thanks. Would have been great if the content was split up into different videos based on the topic/chapters. 3 hours is a bit too long, especially if you're only after info on X subject. Thanks all the same though. Appreciate the effort you've put into this.

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