Most Difficult Video to Watch

The questions that Patrick Bet-David asks in this weeks motivation Monday are tough ones to answer making it the Most Difficult Video to Watch as an entrepreneur. Motivation Monday by Patrick Bet-David. Subscribe for weekly updates

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26 Comments on “Most Difficult Video to Watch”

  1. Motivation boost!! I am SO GLAD I started a new course in order to switch my career as the job I’m currently at is not gonna take me anywhere in life

  2. This should be required listening to every employee, employer, student, friend, spouse, etc. It is the essential quality to being a productive member of society. I was an employer for 21 years and I needed to know if a new hire could make a contribution greater than what I could pay him/her. If the new employee's value was less than I paid then that employee was a weight the rest of us had to carry.

  3. Nope. Blah blah blah. Work.. Im fuked. But my friends are hooked. Work is shit. Fuk it they're taking advantage. But friends are getting all of me

  4. I dwell on this a lot, so I guess if it puts perspective in mine, I hope it'd do the same in others as well.

    Who can you make Win-Wins with, that helps them make Win-Wins with others? So, what is your Win-Win-Win strategy?

    Like Vincent Wong from Wealth Dragons preaches, "Network makes Net worth". You can start at zero and make Value, if you make that count.

  5. that quality is in a weird way a constant in my life….no matter how young or poor I was it even started in elementary school, growing up in a troubled neighbourhood my closest friends were the roughest family wise and their grades all improved cause of me…so much that their parents were thanking me and my friends stole video games (thugs gonna be thugs) to gift me as a thank you…. also later girlfriends, friends, colleagues and my family….if you are close to me your life will improve 100%

  6. Just sent this to my whole office, I’ve been trying to convey this message for some time now. Personally I thought about it in a dating way as in “instead of looking for your ideal partner, become the ideal partner for your ideal partner and that ideal partner will be attracted to you”.

  7. Very Very Veeeery Inspiring and Really touched me, Pat !!! Thank you so Very much !!! I can't believe I have been this selfish making no contribution to almost all the people who have been around me for the last .. ummm … you know … all my ages!!!
    I really want to prepare an amazing resume starting just now.

    Thanks again!!!

  8. Careful how you "value" value.. Jesus did not make a bunch of friends and they refused His resume. The moar value you offer the moar hate you gonna create.

  9. Awesome, I had a meeting with a friend who is in several businesses and I asked from him how could I be useful for him. It made great impact. It really matters not being selfish.

  10. Thank you for the video. For me, I feel I've been a net negative to the people around me. Fear, greed, jealousy, resentment, pain, and distrust of people has led me on a very dark path. How can I change Pat? My discipline is shit. I have developed social anxiety that is crippling me. Drugs have only made my problems worse (both legal and illegal drugs. Is there ANYTHING I can do to turn my life around Pat?

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