Motorola CP200 CPS Programming

Sorry about the quality but I made a quick demo of the RVN4191 CPS. Motorola (Customer Programming Software)


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  1. Anyone with old comments I can’t reply because of this google+ crap. You
    need to recomment thanks.

  2. Hey I live in the Columbus area, How much would you charge to program 1
    Cp200 UHF for me?

  3. Nice video, I just got several PR400 with keypad. you video help me
    understand the programming software better, where can I get some additional
    material on programming using CPS?

  4. Hey sir. I’m trying to reprogram my Motorola cp200 and need that software.
    How can I get that or can u send it to me. Thanks

  5. hey could u send me a email with all the into or where u got the
    programming software and the programming cable cuz i have two Motorola

  6. +bibicop414 can you put another copy on ebay please. I need the cps but
    there is no way on earth im paying $250. If you can pit another copy for
    $100 that would be amazing!

  7. +TheEchoAlpha where i can download the RVN4191 CPS software or driver…
    thank you for your help. Regards.

  8. Can you point me in a direction to download RVN4191 via PM. I have 2 CP200
    radios with data cable. Would like to program the 2 to communicate with
    each other.

  9. Can someone please message me with the right direction to get the cps
    software to program any of these radios. CT250 P110 CP200… Thanks

  10. I can buy two of these for a very good price new out of the box. After
    programming with disk I will be able to have both communicate with each
    other. I want to use these out hunting where cell does not work.

  11. can I get the software from you ? thanks Ive been looking for the
    programming software for these.

  12. when try to read my radio with the cps software i get an error code #2409
    do you know a way to fix this

  13. I have no idea, I tried with the both radios and i am getting same error
    message… Unsupported model i am using cps RVN4191 I am using Port com 3
    even changed to 4 on hardware and Cps settings.

  14. a bro what website would you be able to diriect me in for one of the cp200
    software downloads

  15. I don’t know what reference warp is. After you read a radio if the pc
    freezes then it should not affect it. You only can kill a radio if it
    freezes upon writing. Now a few questions. Do the radio initiate the self
    test pass as in two beeps or do they fail an make a long tone. Next what
    cps version are you using? And what cable are you using rib or ribless and
    what type of radio do you have is it vhf or uhf and are they 4ch or 16.

  16. Hello, could you please direct me to the proper location to locate/purchase
    the software to program the CP200?

  17. The radios are currently up to trade. I’m looking for two working motorola
    MTS2000s with batteries and at least one charger. These radios will come
    with one charger the CPS software and the programming cable with a speaker
    mic. If you or you know of someone who wants to trade let me know.

  18. Hello , can my cp200 be reprogrammed ?if they are from some company?if so
    do u know where or who?

  19. Figured it out! took like 3 hours of google! Need TETRA CPS PLUS ! etra
    CPS+ offers advanced features to repair a broken radio that will not power
    on. There are other steps needed before hand to initialise the radio so
    that the CPS will allow recovery. Normal recovery will not take place on a
    radio with NO MODEL NO SERIAL etc, however here it does! TETRA CPS PLUS is
    software that makes radios that wont connect because missing model or
    serial or corrupted codeplug frequencys TETRA CPS PLUS

  20. Great video – could you kindly PM me about the software used? I cannot find
    a copy of it to save my life. Cheers.

  21. how much for you to send the cp200 program on my gmail if you want i have
    like 10$ if your program is duplacateible

  22. The MDC system ID is 8675. Any ID will make the sound. Play around with
    them and you can do a lot of Coll stuff.

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