My Dads Approach to Setbacks

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37 Comments on “My Dads Approach to Setbacks”

  1. I will be the next millionaire or billionaire one day I am hungry to acheive that goal I saw you at alot of billionaire motivational videos i admired you alot and I started searching who is that person until i found your channel thnx alot and one day I will tell u that I reached my target ?

  2. This actually goes beyond humiliation; I have suffered with an anxiety disorder for years – could not get into a car for years. Just as the video states, face it, go through the pain of it and it loses its power. That is essentially the cure for most anxiety issues. Face the darn thing… I can now drive but still have not willingly got into small lifts, but I could and should. This is how I will be bringing up my child who is also 6.

  3. This reminds of wen my savings of 138.8 dollars were stolen 4rm my account on valentines day 2019.t was painful bt i decided to start over n now i have 1000 dollars at the end of 2019 this december in savings on my account..
    Got it 4rm trump.never quit n start over wen need be.thanks man.

  4. This simple concept that Pat explained can easily be applied to anything in life…even approaching hot girls. Thank you for this valuable lesson!

  5. Love the story, completely reflects to my childhood. Mid-1970's, I was maybe 11. My buddy Matt and I were on his driveway we called "suicide hill" because it was crazy steep and we made a plywood ramp at the bottom to jump our bikes. I of course hit it completely out of control and wiped out skinning both my elbows, blood everywhere. Left my bike, walked home crying. Mom cleaned me up, put on a dozen band aids , and Dad walked in. "Let's go get your bike." "Naw… " " yea, just go get your bike. We'll walk home" "ok" We get there, pull it up suicide hill, and we walk home a minute. "Ride next to me, I got you." "No way, I'm scared." "No, just a nice ride, I got you, nothing crazy" I got on that bike and did a slow ride talking to my Dad home. Next day Matt and I were staring down suicide hill again going to hit that ramp. Dad got me back on that bike to take away the shame and fear. And I nailed that ramp. OK, I wiped out a lot more, but it meant much less.

    Not thought of this in 40+ years, thanks for the reminder. Possibly why I've clawed my way up Corp America the last 22 years. Be humble, learn lessons, tomorrow's a fresh day.

  6. thank you so much pat. actually i do have a team member who suffer from setback recently and because of this video i do now have a strategy on how to help them cope up.

  7. I have three kids. My first is a Special-Needs adult, the other two were blessed to be healthy. This is how I raised my kids when they were little. When they could chew food for the first time, I got rid of their bottles. When they began to walk I got rid of their strollers and carriers. When they fell I said, "Why are you on the ground? Get up on your feet!". When my kids didn't understand something in school, I explained it to them over and over and over until they understood it. If I couldn't explain it I hired a tutor even when we were living paycheck to paycheck. If you want a manual for being a parent, succeeding in business, or anything else in life, here it is. "Never, Never, Never Quit!" – Winston Churchill
    That is how one should raise a family!

  8. I just got retrenched and feel like a failure, but I am getting back on the mountain, and this temporary setback wont put me down.Thank you for this powerful video

  9. What a wonderful and heartfelt message about life and your life experience. I was raised with an unhealthy amount of helicopter parenting and it really messed me up later in life when I had zero ambition, direction or tools on how to cope with pain of any kind. Today I have, over the years, trained myself to take the necessary actions required for growth, expansion and domination. Your video about future planning is something that sits on my heart… this year I'm making time to figure that out in detail while I continue my own journey of launching my business. Thank you Patrick. Happy New Year to you, your family and everyone touched by your content and business.

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