Neuroscientist Explains Brain & Mind Connection

Dr. Caroline Leaf stops by the Valuetainment studio for a sit down with Patrick Bet-David. Get her book here:

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About the guest: Dr. Caroline Leaf is a cognitive neuroscientist with a PhD in Communication Pathology and a BSc Logopaedics specializing in cognitive and metacognitive neuropsychology.

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40 Comments on “Neuroscientist Explains Brain & Mind Connection”

  1. Just my 2 cents . CHANGE THE WORD PERFECT CORE TO CHORD ( WAVE ) In scientific language she is talking about the the perfect word and will of what the myths call GOD , when she speaks of the " perfect core " as LOVE …. well GOD is LOVE … In my mind GOD created perfection .. known to some as the " crystal tree " Perfection of GOD , She speaks . that we are literally " waves " of pure electric / magnetic energy . This is the pure " Garden " She said , " every thought planted can become a " TREE " we make choices . Now does'nt the story about the Garden of Eden make more sense . Do not take it literally . Notice how she said , " physics and spirituality are the same thing , just different languages folks . Am a composer and guitarist and perhaps that is why all she said makes perfect sense and actually is quit simple to me . Finally , when she speaks of IIII me me me me mine mine INDIVIDUAL IN DIVIDE U AL …. separate from GOD is death . I feel nourished with Love after hearing the harmony vibrations

  2. If my mind discovers the total deceit that science and satan uses to capture our "imaginations"…. is may glass half empty? Or is it now by design able and free to examine evil that is represented in your "vain philosophies and false sciences" as exposed by the Holy Spirit? I say "let it be" so! Amen.

  3. I think/ feel she talks too much and comes accross sprouting a dogmatic view sourced from "research, findings, publishing and convinced of peer reviewing" (underpinned by religion, pop psychology and problematic cognitive biases). Her certainty and confidence makes me doubt more (which is a good thing). She's more pop pyschology/ beliefs/ convictions than academia/ secular./ science/ generating (unbiased) new knowledge.

  4. I’m chuckling 30 mins into this interview. I’m wondering if they will get on the same page. They are still not speaking the same language. Okay. I’m going back in. I feel like the glass is half full that they will succeed.

  5. Just playing in earlier comments. Really loved this interview! So, so good! I’m seriously going to have so many books in my library. I have already bought two books, and just have to have the one in this interview. Loving your channel! Thanks.?

  6. She has a beautiful religious concept of humanity, I have done research on many of the subjects she mentions though and there simply isn't much of what she said that has gotten through peer review.

  7. Hello, Mr. Patrick Bet-David, I hope you're doing good. I'm Khaled H.R. Syed based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. I'm a case who completely matchable as yours, and I even discovered what Dr. Caroline explaining to you in this interview. I experienced most of these subjects she is explaining to you. This interview is really helping me to understand, each and every word are so related to my personal life and case. My mind is generating so fast, ideas pumping, concepts flowing. Recently I started my research during my health issue, I faced some of these sicknesses like Cardiac Arrest and Seizure kind of. I learned to heal myself when I understood what is my sickness and I researched it if I can heal myself or not, coz I was having hard times in cash for my medical treatment. Guess what' I succeed in fixing my health issue at my 1st attempt only. So after that, I started working on my case, day by day I was learning, studying, focusing, understanding, collecting, following, neglecting, troubling, going thru maximum information I can. I feel like I'm having many characters in me. Automatically things are showing me each and everything which is helping so much, for a moment I used to get shocked and surprised everything I'm knowing. I was feeling it's magically or a miracle by GOD's plan. My mind is generating so good and so fast. Every day I'm discovering something new about me, I found myself into multiple characteristic mindsets I have got. Some my characters are a self-starter, an autodidact, an architect mind, an engineer, a business planner, public relation marketing,, business developer, digital social marketing, social activist, trainer, coach, an academic advisor, a career consultant, Human Resources Management, Leadership CEO, father, etc also many more things in my mind. I stopped watching movies, coz when I used to watch movies, every time something used auto-addon in my mind from any movie I watched. This auto-addon idea worked in my research so good. I'm so glad I discovered so much in a month, I kept on following it. This interview is connected so deeply to my lifestyle and my case. I'm seeking for more information I can arrange. If anyone has any feedback or want to study this type of case, kindly contact me. It can very helpful for the research team and for me as well.

  8. I was interested in this till she started saying
    Roger Penrose said "we are all made of love" or some bs.. I listen to Rodger Penrose and he has never said anything like this.. #1 symptom of quackery misquoting physicists

  9. Anytime you’re amongst any scientist & you excluded black people you will fail! The melanin is powerful & magical. You need our black brain to be successful

  10. Thanks God she's a gifted speaker, Patrick had easy here. Finally a doctor that knows big pharma is a scam. More people die of heart attacks with low cholesterol,but doctors love pushing statin drugs. We are all human with skeletons in our closet or issues, don't ever judge. Great video??

  11. By someone choosing to think negatively does she mean that we can choose to choose? If so she is incorrect. There is research that proves otherwise. Also sure you can get someone to rationally see and admit that their thinking is in some way negative but not everyone will be able to eliminate that from their mind. If both of her assertions were true then for one thing no one would be depressed.

  12. I'm present with Gratitude knowing that I'm truly blessed. Thanks for the great content! Dr.s message about healing through community resonates. I've also been throwing around the idea of implementing personal practices and she lays out 5 specific steps for that. Perfect! The men's support group I'm a part of practices healing through honest open communication. Growing good accountable, authentic men! Spot on! A true sign I'm indeed on the right path. This stuff works and I believe long term, the world is a safer place because of practices that she speaks of

  13. TMI that raises a lot of questions. But can’t access these questions. Are these scientifically proven? Or based on statistics and history? The good doctor talked about love. How do you measure that?

  14. Hopefully this has helped many people at least to give a starting point to heal. When it comes to big pharma you can bet it's always about the money.

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