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Over the years, many of you have asked me why I create content and openly share my strategies with you. The answer is quite simple yet emotional. Simple because I believe the strategies I share can get anyone results living in any country. Emotional because I know how close I was to giving up and just being average and ordinary. How close I was to just throwing in the towel. How close I was to believing my critics that I wasn’t good enough to compete in the market place. I never thought I would wake up one day running a financial firm with nearly 10,000 agents with Oscar De La Hoya as one of my investors. I never thought I’d create a brand called “Valuetainment” that inspires millions of Entrepreneurs around the world. I never thought I would get to a point of having billionaires, politicians, influencers and celebrities on speed dial. But something changed.

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39 Comments on “New Clue Why Millennials Are Different”

  1. We're gonna be in tough times. Not just because we're weak, but because the previous generations pillaged the world. Tough times, but we'll turn it around.

  2. From a millennial…times are tough. The problems we face today have been progressing for a long time. The average property in the US has been doubling in value every 10 years since 1950, needless to say rent is expensive for me (how ever I live in a metropolitan area). Keynesian economics has bankrupted the country and now the NYSE gets to make new highs as the middle class diminishes. I know many poor people working full time jobs. In fact most of my co-workers including myself are working paycheck to paycheck. Over the last 20 years, the cost of housing has doubled while wages have remained stagnate.

    The cost of education is at an all time high. Also, the CPI (consumer price index) does not include the cost of food and energy…When I try to explain these facts to boomers…they're clueless and have never heard of the term Keynesian economics. Smh…The millenials are the most educated generation this country has ever produced. The boomers constantly insult and mock while offering no practical solutions. The only way out of this mess is "monetary reform"…the future of our generation has been leveraged to create short term prosperity and I doubt we will be able to benefit from social security (which we are currently contributing toward). I'm certain this country will make an enormous rebound once the boomers in particular "take the back seat"…thank you for your informative videos and your comprehensive delivery.

  3. All this is really about economic Warfare played on to the people. They're blaming each other instead of the real root of the cause.

    It's the past boiling point. Why do you think police departments been having the military gear and without the last few years? The banks and car companies got bailed out and people lost their house like savings. Stagnant wages and the shrinking of the middle-class income. It's boiling over and volcanoes ready to explode soon. If the freedom dividend is not passed this year 2019. Things are going worse than the Great Depression and Civil War combined.

    How much work would you have to do to get a $1,000 per month for the rest of your life and be receiving a dividend from the "Freedom Dividend" compared to investing in the stock market or a job?

    This proves how important Andrew Yang is and you're.

    They have tried to silence us for a long time.

    Here we're sharing, We the People.

    We the people have built the country, governments, and companies.

    We the people have built towns and cities.

    Without We the people you would have nothing.

    Vote for Humanity and for we the people.

  4. I have watched a number of your videos but this one struck home, I am one of the baby boomers but I didn't have any kid's. I married into kids and couldn't understand why the step-grandkids have the "Millennial" stamp on themselves. The question of Good Kids, look at the grandparents makes sense. Your presentation style is excellent and worth emulating and your level of research is what is required to make the topic believable. You have gained a new subscriber. Keep broadcasting!!

  5. I am sorry but generation x sucks. Poor parenting, abandoning their children. It's pathetic and there are a ton of examples. I grew up with my grandparents because my parents could care less. I did things the right way and they didn't. I got married, had a kid and bought a house. My mother has only done one of these, can you guess which one? I don't care what anyone says but they suck and can't fill any shoes. It's downright pathetic.

  6. Really dude you totally bypass 9/11 and the Iraq war ( side effects suicide )
    More war
    Who do you think joins the military young Americans
    Tough Times was a endless war on Terror
    Yet you mentioned
    Video games

  7. Always great information I agree with you I am a millennium and I always get mad even at work people are lazy also sleeping at work is like there is no motivation

  8. Take into account how society is today! Everything has to be PC if not there’s the fear of being labeled, mocked even hated!!! Social media people get strength behind keyboards to say nasty things Bc they know it’s not face to face and they won’t get slapped… TV and Hollywood life style bad role models to be accepted how many picture likes you have how popular you are! This is all they see and know of course it’s going to effect how they live and think and some parents do nothing either too busy working or come from broken families and the discipline is out to the door… even in schools not to heart someone’s feelings or have an angry parent bitching Bc their kids although not good in something therefore there are no losers everyone gets participation trophies ? it’s a cycle/mixture of everything but one thing is for sure if the real discipline doesn’t come from home and good parenting don’t expect the new generation to change anytime soon especially when everything is much more easily accessible these days! And almost anyone with a phone has a platform to say whatever they like and most times get away with it.

  9. As a product of today's society labelled millennial I have to say Great video well explained very objective unlike the rest of the air heads but I believe people of the past believe in hard work people of today's generation believe in Work smart let the machine and the farm animals work hard. That doesn't make you lazy that means more free time to live your life free and not to be a corporate slave. Now days all your need is to solve a problem which people face through an app there is you million dollar. Or get investors to invest in your idea, people become smarter its part of the evolutionary process which is unstoppable. There are lazy people in every generations but to generalize the entire age group is simply the definition of bigotry so lets stop doing that.

  10. Thank you Patrick for your inspiring content! God bless you!

    We also have joy with our troubles, because we know that these troubles produce patience. And patience produces character, and character produces hope. And this hope will never disappoint us, because God has poured out his love to fill our hearts. He gave us his love through the Holy Spirit, whom God has given to us. (Romans 5:3-5)

  11. Great video …… thanks Pat!!!
    Millennials never seem to have enough money, unless it was given to them. So here's a tip:
    If the US goes to war with Iran as Trump is proposing, to steal ownership of their oil fields, the stock market will take a major tumble. After the tumble, buy ExxonMobil stock (XOM), as much as you can. Why? They will be a major player in Iranian oil theft, just as they did in Iraq and are wanting to do in Venezuela. XOM stock almost tripled in value once they were established in Iraq (2003 to 2007).
    If buying XOM stock and taking part in this scheme doesn't appeal to you, then Vote TULSI 2020!!!

  12. Love it love it! We grew up on an orange grove so we didn't have any chance to be lazy. It was good for our friends as well. They had to help us pick fruit and scrub our pool if they wanted to swim at our house. I sure do know some drunk dumb asses from my generation I think drugs and alcohol are the problem I see personally. I can imagine lazy goes along with drunk dumb ass. I avoid them, it's too sad to watch ❤️☮

  13. You got it wrong… Silent Generation was BORN INTO tough times, it was their parents that went through the hardships and hence their children became Strong. Boomers really enjoyed prosperity and lived through Good times and spoiled their kids. Gen X grew up in the 70s and 80s and became Weak with too much freedom and neglected Millenials. Now Millenials are going through tough times and you're seeing their kids (Gen Z) becoming Strong and more conservative.

  14. Forcing myself to step outside the comfort zone helped a bit. There's a 100 arguments in my head against it, but I try to grow a pair and just do it. For the last year or so I've been pushing myself and it indeed has helped.
    I fucking feared denial and failure. I still kinda do, but I just have to roll with it.

    I just wish I realized certain things 5 years ago, not now.

  15. I do prefer texting. Leaves an evidence trail, gives me time to rethink what I type.

    Some of us will work hard, but sometimes there is nothing to do. I do not see the cellphone any different than all those older people watching tv or reading a magazine, comic, or news paper at work.

    Each generation likes to think they are the best and view the world out of nostalgia glasses, but the fact is most people will only work as hard as made to.

    Each generation had people who were willing to work hard, lazy fucks, turbulent youth hell bent on fun, and an older jaded group who wish those younguns would cut out the racket.

  16. So called millennials are hard working people as i was at my 14 years of age, even thou i considered my self to so called baby boomers generation! I used write a letter to my love ones to communicate, but so called millennials use their phones to communicate this days. That's all its, nothing more nothing less. My oldest one is 20 and youngest on is 14 they never took painkillers because they haven't experienced what pain is! But what they do is point fingers at me and asking me : Daddy why are you taking this painkillers for ?????you know perfectly well they have side effects don't you?!?!

  17. I'm the worst millenial my dad is a Vietnam vet and I'm so opinionated. I get in screaming matches with gen x at work. My philosophy is I will send you to Valhalla old man. I don't accept this crap

  18. You forgot the Iraq war, the market crash of 2008, Afghan war, stagnant wages below a rising cost of living, the great college scam, unlivable tax rates that only rose with every new President, hurricane Katrina, the racial division and war on police started by President Obama in 2009 and continued to be propagated by the main stream media to this day, the censorship of descenting opinions in 2016- current year, the repetitive brain washing of our generation to believe in an apocalypse hoax that we will die every 4-5 years or so sense we were children… But yeah, its totally the schedules only a few rich kids had…

  19. Heres a better piece of advice stop waiting for the good times life has always bin tough each generation has went through tough times. Theres also always bin a mix of lazy weak people and strong fighting people that go through tough times learning and growing through them this argument is extremely stupid. Im a millennial and i’ve survived the worst drug addictions went through extreme depression and so much more. I wont back down from any fight i struggle and work and suffer and go through life as i always have all alone. Times are always gonna be up and down trying to figure it all out is fucking pointless and impossible cuz times are always changing and most things in life are subjective. Also everyones perspective or perception on life is gonna be different thats what makes figuring it all out so impossible only one thing is for certain, that is that times are gonna keep going on getting better then worse then good then great who knows. All i know is never give up never surrender the more we can have a good optimistic attitude towards the struggles ahead and more importantly the struggles in the present the better off we’ll all be so stop trying to figure it out quit being pussies. All of life is a struggle and thank GOD for struggle its made me one hell of a strong millennial man ✌️???

  20. Hey Pat
    Any update for the Zen Z
    Now the new alpha gen is also growing up
    Would love to know your views on how things can play out for gen z
    From the video it seems like gen z is gonna face some tough times
    Want to know how these tough times can be incashed and what type of things can be pushed up against our generation
    Thanks again Pat for all your videos
    My regards to the team as well
    Great work from all of you

  21. Yes, it's the whole picture! I was Boomer, raised children. No drugs! No pain killers. Know lots off people, same. And, certain groups more pliable, like Media, Hollywood. And, yes, easy money flow. Now, I see Millennas go to work in our 65 people compound with a swimming pool. Rarely see people in it. The young inside, eating,T.V. and so on. Perhaps to the beach. Most people with kids at beach are( This is CA.on weekends Latinos), who often week wise work 2-3 jobs. Eder on Opiods, because doctors say so for pain?! Children overactive, on Opiods?! Psychologist say so. I Church , I used art to make children express themselves. At first intimidated, then finding this new joy, could not stop them. Observation, as Baby Boomer, technology has taken away free agent in children, adults, less silence to look onward. Too much programing work or otherwise. People are tired off it, you see it here on You Tube, if not surprised. You're a nice person. Did you ever try for day two hours, let your mind stop, don't utter a word. See what happens. Can you actually do that! Have you programmed your life to the extreme?! Just a little challenge your way.?????️?Pat?? ALGORITHMS elders..
    On rejection. Saw T.V. every one perfect body, perfect looks. Too plastic. Older actress actors, face lifts, eyes become slits, not windows off their soul….Every one God forbid, has to fit this plastic mold….So, let's look around ,change this, which like it or not, we are all privy too.?️?

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