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Did you apply for #SMEInstrument and fail? Watch how EU evaluator thinks when he reads your proposal. You will be able to improve and design a winning tech proposal/pitch.

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We help Tech companies convince investors and clients.

Here is how:

✅ With advanced go-to-market strategies and unique positioning, you will raise EU or Equity Funding. Use it to develop prototype technology to the commercial version.

✅ With effective communication strategies, you will boost brand visibility, enter your customer mind and open doors to new B2B opportunities. International market will become your playground.

? Some of our accomplishments:

In last 3 years alone, we helped 30+ highly innovative companies develop feasible & convincing growth strategies that resulted in funding between €50.000 up to €1.9 million, increased exposure to private investors, industry, and media.

? Watch inspiring success stories:

? You can, too:

✅ Win EU funding grants, like SME Instrument. Grant, up to 2.5 Mio EUR, is used for finalizing development and commercialization. Enroll in our FREE SME Instrument Accelerator ➤ ➤

✅Identify private investors, craft your teaser and convincing pitch deck to raise capital. Enroll in our FREE Equity Funding Accelerator➤ ➤

✅ Raise your brand awareness, get into your prospect minds and successfully compete with industry giants. Enroll in our FREE Visible Brand Accelerator➤➤

Our clients are 4-X more successful in raising SME Instrument funding than an average tech company. They report a significant increase in digital visibility, are generating 100+ qualified leads per week and consequent improvement in sales.

? We successfully operate in the following industries:

✏️ Information Technology
✏️ Biotech, E-health, Pharma,
✏️ FinTech, Insurance,
✏️ Power trading,
✏️ Artificial intelligence
✏️ Internet of Things – IoT
✏️ Medical Devices
✏️Advanced Materials

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