Panel Discussions on Startup Funding & Sustainable Growth

Panel Discussions on Startup Funding & Sustainable Growth.

Entrepreneurship development is the process of improving the skills and knowledge of entrepreneurs through various training and classroom programs. The whole point of entrepreneurship development is to increase the number of entrepreneurs.

By doing this, the pace at which new businesses or ventures are made gets better. On a wider level, this makes room for employment and improves the economy of a business or country. The steps below will explain how to create an effective entrepreneurship development program and how to go about enhancing it.

Panel Member

1.Ifty Islam
Group Chairman
Asian Tiger Capital Partners

2. Rabiul Karim
Executuve Vice President
Famacash Inc.

3. Ateak Ullah Masud
Founder & CEO
eSchool of Life

Imran Fahad
Regional Partner, FasterCapital
Founder & Chairman, Innovation Hub Bangladesh

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