Performance Reviews Gone Wrong

Have you ever been on either side of the desk? If you’re a manager or a boss at your company, odds are you’ve had your fair share of performance reviews gone wrong. Tell us your stories below. Subscribe to Valuetainment for all new updates

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43 Comments on “Performance Reviews Gone Wrong”

  1. Yes I have, my coworker mysteriously run into car accidents, fall doing crazy things, and not come to work on Mondays!!!!! She was always protected by the supervisor, making things worse. I left before she did…lol..

  2. Hilarious! Great work done on this video! Definitely made my day!

    Hey Pat, I have a request if you don’t mind, Could you make an in depth video about office politics? I would love to see your take on this stuff.
    Keep up the amazing work!

  3. HILARIOUS!!!!! BUT???

    The Reverse IS ALSO TRUE!!!
    Where the person behind the desk DOES ALL those SAME things! Is some cases ALL of them from ONE desk!!! AND….
    IF YOU ARE the Person who makes JUST ONE MOVE that Really Does SIMPLIFY and InCreases Profits… YOU ARE the One TARGETED for Abuse!!!
    Especially WHEN "You" ARE Younger and Other's have been doing IT the SAME (wrong/harder) way for 30yrs… BECAUSE…..

    While the DESK person IS popping SPEED,, while playing Video Games and Etc. The "DESK" person has their TRIPLE BILLING SCHEME working for them!!!!

    So IF YOU actually IMPROVE both Speed and Efficency,,,, WithOut costing a SINGLE Penny,,, Their scheme IS Discovered because the Numbers are Faster then THEY have planned!!!
    Over the Last 25 YEARS of Industry work,,, sometimes in JUST the 2nd week THIS HAS been MY Life!!! Even though,,, the procedure now ONLY takes 10 minutes instead of an Hour+. By JUST APPLYING a Flow observation,,, sometimes in the 1st 10 minutes of Learning "their" operation!!!

    Some People just SEE Mathematics or Music or etc. ME….. I SEE in Digital and Flow…. And have the Training and Experience of Troubleshooting AGAINST & WITH a Professor with an IQ that is in the Top 2% of the WORLD!!!! Here's a Quote from Him I'll NEVER Forget;

    " I've never met anyone whose Imagination DOES Connect and Aid ones Raw Intelligence. You really can SEE the in between step. Even though You don't always know "WHAT" it is You found. Or it takes You several Extra steps to get there." – Thomas Epp, Instructor, BCTHS – Electronic/Computer Engineering

  4. This is great Patrick! I love the way your evolving alongside the social media development and the adaptation your making to the channel, by offering more content "out of the script". Awesome stuff, keep up the good work!

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