Pitch Anything by Oren Klaff (Study Notes)

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21 Comments on “Pitch Anything by Oren Klaff (Study Notes)”

  1. Can anyone relate to this?

    Speaking with the ‘voice in our mind’ (defined differently by every individual and is often portrayed as another human being (often the individual we would like to become and is usually present in and mind from a young age, which usually develops, matures and ages relative to us)). We only interact with this “other individual” when we are processing thoughts at a certain vibration/frequency, generally when we are thinking positively, with an open mind and somewhat relaxed.

  2. I loved your summary of Jay Abraham's Getting Everything You Can Out Of All You've Got. I plan to dig into all of your other videos.

    Pitch Anything is a book I tried reading a few years ago…but I don't think it clicked for me. But I know it's highly recommended in business circles.

    I'm going to revisit it after watching this video. Thanks for all the great content.

  3. Can anyone make a comparison of the benefits of listening to Jospeh’s stuff vs the full audiobook?
    Does Joseph hit all the important points or is there more importance on reading/listening to the full version?

  4. I can't thank you enough Joseph Rodrigues. I felt like I owe something to you for helping me with a books reviews that change my life perspective to the world. Because of you I'm able to see my life as a gift. And I'm very sure that within the next few years I'll be moving up to the social hierarchy. By the way I don't do commenting stuff on YouTube. But in here I felt like I have to. Thank you very much. Lots of love to you. All the way from India. God bless you ???

  5. Thank you Joseph, great study of the book.
    I wonder if you could help me. I'm in what you would call low stakes sales – I sell boilers in maybe 3-4 unknown sales environments every day.
    I've never really got on with the old ideas, so Oren's stuff fascinates me.
    Both this book and his latest one, Flip the Script, are fantastic. However I'm really struggling on how to translate the ideas from high stakes sales to what I do.
    Do you have any guidance?

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