Pitching an Investor as a VC Firm | HUSTLE

The Harlem Capital partners pitch real estate magnate Ron Moelis on their mission to “do well and do good” as a diversity focused VC fund. From HUSTLE, Sundays at 9p on VICELAND.

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30 Comments on “Pitching an Investor as a VC Firm | HUSTLE”

  1. I hope they succeed. As a business owner, I always thought minorities needed access to capital.

  2. Not to be a dick, but they say they're focusing on Latinos, African Americans, and woman not one thing about Asian Americans. I find it odd how Asians are left out in most of these type of situations.

  3. Please use caution, using the all inclusive term “women” in general as a “minorty” class will be the poison pill of doing REAL change. If you are not specifying “non-white women too” your efforts will fall flat. A rich VC is more likely to invest (pattern matching) in those companies headed by “women” specifically White-woman and tout having a high level diversified minority business model. Think of the recent Theranos HBO Documentry. Elizabeth Holmes had no issue raising capital, because she is part of a “white family” (husband and wife, sister, daughter, aunt etc.). If the husband/brother (the patriarch) is excluded but his wife/sister can be recipient of diversity accolades and advancements, what do you think that (>85% white male VC community) capital will do?

  4. To all the numb skulls who think investing in black and brown+ women startups is racist or even sexist clearly don't understand how a lack of diversity engenders bias. This isnt a an affirnative based program solely predicated on race and gender, but OPPURTUNITY. Something a great deal of disenfranchised people have not been granted for a host of different social and economical reasons.

    Do I believe investors should invest based off merit and profit margins, of course but the people they're looking to invest in get over looked and or cancelled out because of the lack of diversity in investment firms hence the need for a brilliant VC like Harlem Capital, keep the course good men and disrupt the FUck out of this industry !!!

  5. I just want everyone watching to it's about catching up! A lot of blacks and Hispanics don't talk real long money.. I thanks the white gentleman for taking the time to at least listen much less invest this is how country grows from within. Great job guys.

  6. Lol business is so cut-throat. If your investments depend on the identity of the company founders rather than their merit–good luck. You'll need it.

  7. People that are money hungry don’t care what race you are they only care whether you’re making money or not. These guys are the racists in suits.

  8. ‘Doing well and doing good at the same time’ by discriminating on the grounds of race. Sounds a lot like what the Civil Rights Mvmt and MLK fought against.

  9. Rappers throwing around vanity with net worths around 100mil meanwhile VC’s casually investing 100-500

  10. it's an interesting investment strategy, and it is obvious to everyone why Viceland promotes them here. If we're gonna be race fixated in that American way then I'm half latino, half white, non-American, so maybe I wouldn't qualify, but how I frame this is that it's less about everyone following this model and more about these guys trying to do something they deem right while simultaneously growing as a company, and trying to help the world grow in the process.

    To some extent the whole thing plays into America's unhealthy race narrative in terms of political debate, but it's interesting to observe haha.

  11. Pitch Was Awefull , Read " Pitch Anything " Please . Why Did You Say " Thank You For Giving Us Your Time "

  12. What I like about this is that their idea is obviously unsustainable if they cannot provide an ROI on minorities and women in particular- however vague it is. This essentially proves or disproves the common argument that ideas will prevail, not skin color in particular. If the POC/women they invest in do well, so will the image that POC/women have what it takes to grow their businesses. This furthermore will prompt more powerful POC/women to rise to power diversifying the landscape of business over time, and providing examples for POC/women to look up to.

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