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For every teenage boy with an extra source of income, there is something to look forward to. There are certain issues that you cannot explain to your parents. Can you also rush over to them every time your friends want a party for money? No, you can't, and that's where a side hustle comes in handy. Young people therefore often look for positions that are recruited from the age of 15.

Joining such a platform gives them the financial independence they long for. However, it is not easy to trust every place as there are always trust issues. To help you out, here's a list of top places that can hire a teen. With this list at your disposal, you can quickly build your skills and make some pocket money on why you need to start work at such a tender age. A career 15+ has its own share of benefits.

You Can Save Money for CollegeYou can develop a sense of responsibility and understand the concept of teamworkAll insights will come in handy when you actually start working laterYou can develop your professional skills and learn things like time tracking, customer service, and prioritizationOne because of these valuable You can get professional experience later in full-time employment Labor law for young people

At the beginning you want to know which positions are to be recruited at the age of 15 and which age is permitted or not for this job advertisement. There is nothing wrong with that under US labor law. Many companies are already hiring young people. However, to protect the children from fraud, the US Department of Labor has passed some labor laws.

First, children over the age of 14 are allowed to work in places that are not agricultural in nature. Children also have the right to participate in television shows and act in films and theaters, regardless of their age at the time. They can also do basic jobs like newspaper delivery, babysitting, family business work, etc.

All federal laws for working teenagers are mentioned in the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). This law sets out expected wages, working hours and other details. However, all of these details vary from state to state. So before looking for jobs that start hiring at 15, first read the labor laws in your state.

Hours of Work

Before we go any further, consider Hours of Work as a good. According to the FLSA, you cannot work during school hours. Your working hours will primarily be:

Extracurricular hours8 hours on a school-free day40 hours in a holiday week3 hours for a school day18 hours for a school weekTimes between 7:00 am and 7:00 pm. On June 1st you can work between 7:00 am and 9:00 pm

However, some restrictions are lifted from the age of 16

How much wages can you expect ?

Next we can come to the subject of how much salary is given to a teenager. The standard wage set by the government is $ 7.25 an hour, and all states must adhere to it. Since you are under 20 years of age, it is possible that you could receive $ 4.25 an hour for the first 90 days. After that, you'll have to pay $ 7.25 or the minimum wage.

List of jobs starting at age 15

We're now going to introduce you to the most common companies starting at age 15. Take a look at the list below and plan which one to start with. there are many vacancies. In addition, restaurants work in shifts. You can always choose which shift suits you and start your career. In addition, there is no shortage of restaurants looking for help.

Your newspaper as well as the local handouts will notify you of such openings. Remember, to be successful with any of them, you must have a pleasant personality. Since restaurant jobs involve a lot of customer relationships, you should know how to talk and follow instructions. Restaurants are by far one of the top spots to set at 15. Check out some of the best restaurant chains that hire teenagers:

1. Baskin Robbins

Baskin Robbins, as you should know, is a famous ice cream brand. Their franchises are all over the US. Most of them hire on a regular basis. All you have to do is see when the closest one starts hiring.

The best part is that you can serve delicious ice cream, yogurt, cakes and frozen sorbets to customers. If you're good at math, you might even get the chance to use the till.

2. Chick-Fil-A

Chick-Fil-A is also a pretty famous name in the list of places that rent at 15. This is because it has nearly 2500 stores in the US. Of course, you will also find one or the other branch in your area. You are hiring people under the age of 15. You need to check their point of sale for more details. There are a variety of occupations such as serving customers, washing dishes, cash register, preparing food.

3. Ben and Jerry’s

Another famous brand, Ben and Jerry’s is a popular option for job seekers. They have nearly 4,000 branches in the US. Of course, you have one near your home. You can choose your working hours and learn some customer service skills in the process. However, they only hire children between the ages of 14 and 15 for some jobs. Before you apply, you need to find out what positions you are looking for.

4. Dairy Queen

Dairy Queen also has nearly 4000 branches to choose from. They have a variety of jobs so there is no shortage of jobs here. Depending on your interests, you can start as a cleaner or cashier. The minimum age for each of the jobs is 14 years. So the chances of being selected are pretty high in this case. As the variety of jobs is greater, the experience you gain is also diverse.

5. KFC

KFC or Kentucky Fried Chicken is still the second most popular fast food place in the USA after Mc Donalds. Of course, the number of stores is then also greater. At every known place you will find 2-3 outlets very close by. Hence, you have a higher option as to which outlet to choose from. With around 4200 branches, KFC is still one of the most active places that rent from 15 people. You can work as an account manager, cashier or cook. It just depends on the nature of your interest.

6. California Pizza Kitchen

With its 250 branches, California Pizza Kitchen has spread its roots quite widely. Some of these outlets hire children as young as 15 if state law permits. You can quickly get hold of a host's contribution. Your job entitles you to serve the guests. Aside from that, they also have cashier jobs. However, you may have an age restriction for this position. It is better to clarify all of this when submitting the application,

7. Boston Market

There are approximately 450 Boston Market outlets and they are constantly hiring. The Boston market requires both the kitchen staff and the age of the counter, and their minimum age specification is 15 years. They prepare food, take orders and serve customers. You can search for vacancies on their website. You can also visit the local store and apply there.

8. McDonald & # 39; s

When we talk about restaurants, how can we forget about McDonald's? It has around 14,000+ restaurants in the US. Of course, this means a continuous need for staff. There's a McDonald's on every corner so finding a vacancy is probably out of the question. Each franchise has its own set of rules for hiring teenagers. You will be hired to do basic tasks like cleaning, cooking or serving.

9. Pizzahütte

Who doesn't love pizza? Pizza Hut's authentic Italian-American cuisine includes pizza, pasta, and other side dishes. The burden and the nature of the work are enormous. So when you join you should be ready to work a few hours. If you have a work permit, there is no chance that you will not be accepted. Get ready to become the smiling face that curbs customer hunger.

10. Starbucks

You must have noticed more than one Starbucks store in your neighborhood. That's because they have around 8,000 company-owned and 6,000 licensed stores in the United States. Although the minimum age for employment at Starbucks is 16, some states, such as Montana, allow children over the age of 15. Just check with your local sales office for exact needs.

Grocery stores hiring at age 15

Next on the list of companies hiring aged 15 and over are grocery stores that are constantly hiring. When you visit your nearest store, you can even find boards listing the vacancies and contact details. But the grocery stores may have extended opening hours. If you want to work there it can mess up your school schedule. You can get a job in a grocery store while on vacation.

Working in a grocery store makes you a multitasker. They are supposed to perform many tasks. This makes you well-trained in your work as a cashier, cleaner, grocer, etc. Prepare for the extra burden as a grocery store job is usually tough.

1. Giant Eagle

Giant Eagle has offices in five states; H. West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, and Indiana. This limits the number of options available. However, there are around 400 stores in these five states themselves. The stores employ 14+ kids for regular jobs like bakery clerk, shopping cart attendant, etc. You could even get a cashier job which is a good experience. To find out more, just visit their local store.

2. Safeway

If you live in an urban area, there must be a Safeway near you. Safeway has around 894 locations in the US, making it a great option to join. In addition, the range of jobs is extensive. You can try your hand at all possible aspects and come out smarter. If you enjoy greeting people, driving carts, and packing items, apply here. You can have a shift job. Therefore, you can work here without affecting your studies.

3. Winn Dixie

Winn Dixie is only active in four states again. These include Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana, and Mississippi. If you live elsewhere this may not be an option for you. But even in these four states, the number of stores is over 500. It goes without saying that you have at least one or two stores near your home. The minimum age for employment is 15 years. Simply inquire at the local sales office to see if there are any new vacancies.

4. Publix

Publix has 1100+ branches. However, these offices are only restricted in Florida, Alabama, Georgia, Virginia, Tennessee, South Carolina, and North Carolina. They advertise positions for 14+ children in their branches themselves. You can work as an employee, packer, cashier and service counter.

5. Kroger

Kroger is relatively widespread with 2,700 branches in the USA. It also has many other stores such as Fry & # 39; s, King Scoopers, and Smith & # 39; s. The outlet hires 14-year-olds for excavator and office workers. You still need to confirm with the local point of sale. You may have a different hiring policy than the others. Whatever it is, when you have the experience you will find it very fruitful to work at a young age. That being said, a lot of other places like to take teenagers in. You can even make money online without paying anything if you have the proper knowledge. Let's take a look at some places other than the mainstream jobs.

1. AMC Theaters

Working in a cinema is like a dream come true for everyone. AMC cinemas have around 600 branches in the USA. They keep an employment age of around 14 or 15 years.

The options are varied such as cashier, usher or concessionaire. Just go to their local office and ask them if they have any vacancies.

2. Six Flags

A Famous Amusement Park Brand The Six Flags job offer is fun and making money together. Because the theme parks are so huge, the variety of jobs is also greater. You could be a game attendant, host / hostess, lifeguard, or restaurant worker. However, the vacancies here differ depending on the season. If you don't have a local six flag park, you can try one of the regular amusement parks near your home.

3. Hershey's Chocolate World

Once again, Hershey's Chocolate World gives young learners a chance. It is operated by The Hershey Company and the minimum age is 15 years. Aside from the income, you get several perks with the jobs. This includes 50% discount on groceries, discounted sweets, free entry for relatives and family, free drinks and a free meal during a shift.

In the same complex is Hershey Park, which offers a variety of workplaces. Again, the benefits are just too exciting to pass up. However, both options are site specific.

4. Newspaper distribution

Even today, newspapers are distributed in the traditional way. The job is a bit hectic as you have to be up early in the morning. Aside from making regular payments, you might even be given some tips. However, this is not a very lucrative and sought-after job right now.

Online survey sites that hire at the age of 15 then you can use survey sites to make money. However, in this case the income fluctuates. However, the flexibility to work from home at any time is an added bonus.

1. Swagbucks

Swagbucks is a famous rewards site where children aged 13 and over can earn pocket money. Also, the minimum withdrawal amount is $ 1. There isn't much you have to do to make the moolah. Simple tasks like watching videos, shopping online, checking and reviewing websites, etc. will suffice. Swagbucks offers several payment methods so you can easily withdraw your money.

2. InstaGC

InstaGC is similar to Swagbucks in its operating pattern. Again, you get paid to watch videos and polls. However, do not provide any information while doing these surveys. If you get caught you can be blacklisted. Aside from PayPal, you can even earn gift cards from ecommerce sites. The payment threshold is between 1 and 5 US dollars; therefore you can start low and then move forward.

3. Pinecone Research

Pinecone is a survey agency. Basically, you want to know your opinion. Earn $ 3 for every survey you complete. The plus point is that this money will be transferred to your account as soon as the survey is over. You have a variety of payment options such as checks, PayPal, and gift cards. You can even withdraw your income in multiples of $ 3.

Service Jobs You Can Do by the Age of 15

You can also try some service jobs. This is in case you don't want to be time-bound and need some flexibility. Sometimes children are so good at these young professionals that they tend to pursue them professionally.

1 . Referee / referee for the youth league

If you are more into sports, you can earn money with it. In this case your job would include the following tasks:

Adhering to the rules of the gameImposing penalties for violations of the rulesAssigning points Announcing the winnersVerifying the results Babysitting

You need a lot of patience and sensitivity to prepare for this job. If you have a younger sibling this is an added benefit. Working parents are willing to pay a decent amount if they see you can handle their children. Start by promoting your services to your parents' acquaintances. You can then spread the word.

3. Editing / Creating Videos for Businesses

A start-up company does not have the time to advertise itself. If you can make videos, help them. Create or edit videos that they can use to market themselves. All you need is a fast computer, video editing software, and some creative skills. In addition, this job lays the foundation for a successful career in the future.

4. Cleaning and Organizing Households

Many children are pretty good at cleaning and organizing houses. In addition, the earning potential here is much higher than in any other job. Always start with people who are close to you and who work. You could promote your services through local flyers. Or post your services on Facebook. This is where word of mouth is very important. If you are able to provide effective service, you will get more work.

5. Dog Walker

There is no shortage of pet owners and you can help them. Dog walks are a respectable profession, especially if you are an animal lover yourself. The scope of earnings is higher. It doesn't take a lot of force.

Just follow the walking plan and pay attention to the needs of the pet. You can run dogs for more than one family at a time. This means you have a decent amount of pocket money.

6 Online tutoring

Perhaps you are interested in a subject and would like to help other students. How about you use this as an opportunity to make money. Start by educating the people in your area. If necessary, you can even share the news with your classmates. You may know people who need help for their children. In addition to tutoring, you can also prepare projects or do vacation tasks for other students.

7 Basic landscaping work

Lawn care is something that most working people cannot cope with. If you have the time, you can do landscaping work for them. This includes work such as cleaning the garden, watering plants, pulling weeds, maintaining fences, etc. For this work, you must contact and inform the people personally. If your parents know people who need this kind of help, the effort is reduced.

8. Messenger services

Some people are pretty busy. When they have free time, they spend most of it doing their more important obligations. You can act as an errand boy for such people. This includes jobs like dropping and picking items from cleaning, getting medication, shopping for groceries, etc. However, you need to be very careful when following instructions. Even a single mistake in calculations or purchasing items can leave the wrong impression.

9 Blogging

Blogging is for those who like it love to write down their thoughts. If you are more passionate about a hobby, you can blog about it. However, this is where you may need to invest some money in building and maintaining the website. Plus, every blog takes some time to be successful. If you are looking for some easy money, blogging is not a good place to start. Also, you need to post content regularly so that your blog leaves a mark.


It can't hurt to look for places that rent by 15 in your spare time. However, you need to be careful when applying and completing a place. Sometimes inexperience leads us to seize opportunities that are not worth the time and effort. The above list of companies hiring over the age of 15 will help you with your search. If you are confused, you can always confide in your parents. Their guidance is intended to help you make the right decision.


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