Principles by Ray Dalio (Study Notes)

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25 Comments on “Principles by Ray Dalio (Study Notes)”

  1. Sir Thank you for All your EFFORT, The effort which you are doing is really a Valuable GIFT for the society….One small request Can you please make Audio note on N.L.P(Neuro linguistic Programming) related topic.

  2. Joseph you are the man. Thanks to you I'm saving up so much time which I'm using to develop other skills. You're helping out so many people and yes you're changing lives. I'm really grateful.

  3. Joseph, I’ve watched A LOT of your videos and I’ve heard you say something along the lines of “Leaders Go First” numerous times. — I indeed agree wholeheartedly! I’m curious to know, is this a personal quote or did you pick it up somewhere? If from a book or video, will you please share it? Thank You.??

  4. I am inspired by your book reviews. Thanks for taking the time to post them so that we can all learn from your point of view. I am hopeful that when you have time you could mind map The Road to Character.

  5. Hey man thanks for the amazing value in these videos. 1 quick question: Whats the name of the chart/tool you're using (the one that expands and contracts sections and organize the categories) thanks 🙂

  6. Joseph, first of all let me introduce myself a bit. I am Yustinus Halim, as you can see thru my username lol, call me Yus. I am from Indonesia. I know this might be not the most important thing. But at 19:15, you said that you are an ENTJ. That is so interesting, are you studying Myerr Briggs as well? Oh yeah, I have been subscribed to you since probably, 6 months ago. Keep up the good content, cheers.

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