Principles for Successful Entrepreneurs – Brian Tracy

David is interviewing Brian Tracy, a writer, a professional speaker and a success expert. He is sharing the three qualities of a top entrepreneur: hard work, self-confidence and persistance. Then he develops the way to be self-disciplined: first, you have to plan everyday in writing on a paper, then determine your 3 most important tasks and focus and work on that, finally don’t be distracted by electronic devices or emails before 11 o’clock because distraction is the opposite of discipline. He concludes with the general keys for success: Goal setting, improving the quality of your products by keeping studying and searching new ideas, set priorities.

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18 Comments on “Principles for Successful Entrepreneurs – Brian Tracy”

  1. Thank you for this interview.
    Impossible not to love Brian.
    How kind and gentle and at the same time disciplined and strong.

  2. Je suis très contente pour toi David puisqu'il y a quelques années je me rappelle que tu t'es déplacé pour une interview et que la personne à changé d'avis et que tu étais très frustré et te voilà faire une interview avec LE Brian Tracy qu'on admire tant comme quoi il suffit juste d'un peu de persévérance.

  3. Brian Tracy is an honest man….i read lots of his books and I watch lots of his youtube videos. he is a great help….Thank you Brian.

  4. Very interesting interview thank you! My quote is: "Challenge to wake up in morning is better than to having a lot of challenges all day long to make up for lost time"

  5. Georgia is not in the south of Russia, it is an independent country, which existed since the Roman Empire. It is really sad that an educated man as Brian makes this stupid mistake 🙁

  6. I asked myself the question" IF I had all the money in the world; what would I do? then the answer came: Do nothing; just enjoy and travel the world". So what should I mean by that? (asking genuinely)

  7. So can we learn something even if we do not have money to invest in courses and programs or books?

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