Programming Job With NO EXPERIENCE?

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FREE DOWNLOAD – 7 Habits of Highly Successful Software Developers ➨


In this episode, I give my advice on getting a programming job without any experience.

If you’re just starting out as a software developer, chances are you want to find a job. But there comes a big dilemma.

How are you supposed to find a programming job if you don’t have any experience?

Watch this video to find out!

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22 Comments on “Programming Job With NO EXPERIENCE?”

  1. Hello

    I want to start software testing career but I have no knowledge about programming can I start with basic programming.

  2. hi, i have no experience in any programming languages, but i would love to become freelance programmer. do u have any suggestion, what languages i can start with 1st?

  3. You said about making our own mobile or web software to put at our resume for employer.
    Does it even count for a mobile/desktop app to be just a calculator with no much in it? Or a Scientific calculator.
    Does it even count for a progress to be taken from a employer as a Junior developer?
    Please can you give me examples as to how basic someone can be, to be taken from an employer as a Junior developer?

  4. Experience, Education, who needs any of that? Hec, you don't even have to be smart. Just BS your way into it. Fake it till you make it! There's so much overseas outsourcing in programming today, companies will wet themselves just because you can speak and understand english. Plus, companies don't hire the best anyway, they hire the cheapest and easiest people to control, and whether you can do the job well or not does not really matter. Most programming is easy anyway…just doing bug fixes which you can figure out. Very little "build from scratch" coding going on at most companies. You'll be making mostly small changes that are easy.

  5. Any advice for someone who wants to get into the developer/programmer field who never wants to leave home? I start HTML/CSS, PYTHON, and JAVA in the fall. Would be a dream to program or build websites from home. Is that a reality? WORKS WELL WITH OTHERS, JUST NOT IN PERSON.

  6. I have been trying to learn Python for three months and I cannot write code either. It is hard.

  7. Why is it every video I come across of yours your biceps are always popping out.
    Were you in any bodybuilding competitions?

  8. Great advice! I've been learning code for 8 months and have done a couple websites already. Just recently, I've had the desire to build a mobile app- I think it would be so amazing and fulfilling. I've been thinking and thinking on what the product should be. I agree, I feel like building my own web app would show my experience level, and increase my chances at getting a job. And hopefully in the future have my own business or be a freelancer once I get enough experience. 😀

  9. Are you bodybuilding and prpgramming thats my goal in life to bodybuild and programm

  10. Human being can't build his own company without an experience.Actually most people or coming by protection, their friend is advise them to his boss or simply liying to the company about experience.

  11. I'm not studied computer science but I love programming and I have one apk using PHP on play store.but companies are rejecting me because I'm not CS background in India

  12. Hi john!,
    I am a sophomore in India, I am currently standing at a point of no return, I want to choose one path can you help me, please.
    Here's the situation,

    Options :- Full stack(Python), software, Android, Full stack(Go), UWP(C#)

    My classmates :- Full stack(python), Android

    Recruiters :- I Don't know.

    What I want to do:- Full stack(Go), UWP(C#)

    Please just help me choosing my path, people around me are learning Android development like crazy, I'm kinda confused should I try the rookie(UWP). I'm not a master of the UWP but I … ah….. kinda handle views, API, parsing JSON etc. I want to make apps for UWP please guide me.

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