Programming Logic: How To Get Better At It?

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Programming Logic: How To Get Better At It?

“The term programming logic has its roots in the advancement of computer science. Programming logic started only with ‘hard and fast logic’ compiled into sophisticated algorithms and expressed in programming languages like Prolog.

Basic computers developed ways to deal with numbers and logical states, applying specific operators that lead to precise results.”

in this video, I’ve received a question from a reader asking how he could become better at programming logic and this is kind of a recurrent question I get almost every day.

So, how do you get better at programming logic? Watch this video and find out!

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18 Comments on “Programming Logic: How To Get Better At It?”

  1. Perfect video, it doesn't only teach the logic of programming but also teaches the logic of excelling things, tools programming languages and spoken languages. Thanks bro!!

  2. How do you get an internship as a data science if you have no experience? I changed my major from computer science to applied science is just a hard major if you never done it in junior high school.

  3. maybe writing a program tha can understand what grandma thinks and convert it into computer source code that the machine can understand? or a program that use simplified arguments and convets them into the real ones? or perhaps a drag and drop language translator?

  4. I'd argue that for many people that ain't so smart we gotta follow along the tutorials and try to solve the problems using the skills we just learned , and we can always go back to study the concept again if needed. Not saying learning by doing isn't a good practice just saying for some people it's a more advanced skill to study.

  5. Before learn programming we need to learn the logic, before learning logic we need to learn Quantum mechanics. Then we understand that there is no logic anywhere.

  6. If you cant keep track of logic, you have weak working memory,that you can increase easy with DUAL NBACK training.(i dont sell anything!!!)

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