Python Programming Tutorial Part-02 – Installing Python IDLE

Hi everyone, this is a aswin.

In this tutorial We are going to see how to install Python IDLE.

Go to your browser and type python.

Org This is the home page of the Python.

Go to the downloads section You can see the latest version of the Python.

It is 3.


3 You can also download some other versions.

Just scroll down the window There is Python 2.

7 There will be slight changes between Python 2.

7 and 3.

7 The performance is also better in 3.


So download Python 3.


3 Already download the file so I am canceling it now Go to the Downloads folder Open the setup file As you can see I already installed the setup so I am clicking modify If you are installing for the first time, there will be some option here like add Python 3.

7 to path select that option and click on next and Select this checkbox also Install for all users Click on install.

I already installed the setup file.

So I am cancelling it now After completion of the installation select start, type IDLE Click IDLE It will open the Python interpreter In this interpreter, you can execute the single line commands like print Hello world Press Enter, it will show us the result You can also execute some expressions like 2 + 3 equal to 5 4*5 equals 20 If you want to execute some block of code means, Select file, create a new file and Execute the following code Now I am going to write code to display hello world ten times for I in range and print Hello world Select file click on save, name the file then click on the Save button After saving the file click on the run tab and select run module and It will execute the Python code and Displays hello world for ten times That's it guys.

You can use this IDLE Or you can use Jupyter notebook for the rest of the tutorials.

If you have any queries, please leave a comment below See you in the next video.

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