Python Programming Tutorial Part-03 – Installing Jupyter Notebook

Hi everyone, this is a aswin in this tutorial We are going to see how to install Jupyter notebook go to your browser and type anaconda Press enter Go to the homepage of anaconda Basically anaconda is a software package that includes jupyter notebook spider IDE and other basic models required for python Go to the download section Scroll down the window There will be two versions of anaconda for python 3.

7 and 2.

7 Download the graphical installer for anaconda.

I've already download the file.

So we will go to the download section Open the setup file Click on next.

select for all users click on next Select the destination folder and complete the setup process.

I've already installed anaconda in my machine.

So I am canceling the setup After successful installation,press start and type Jupiter known book It will initialize the Jupiter notebook So it will take some time Okay, this is the homepage of Jupiter notebook you can create a new folder And the folder is created take a new Python three notebook Okay, now the notebook is ready Like Python, ideally we can execute a single line commands in Jupyter notebook also print hello world and Click on run and it will execute the result.

You can print expressions if you want You can also run block of code in Jupiter notebook now I am going to print hello world for 10 times print Hello world Press shift + enter Basically shift + enter is a shortcut key for run and it will automatically create a new cell If you want some keyboard shortcuts click on help Go for keyboard shortcuts And it will display all the keyboard shortcuts if you want to use Press enter for edit mode shift enter or run cell to create a new cell above a to create a new cell below B and You can explore some other commands you want You can name the file as tutorial And you can save the notebook if you close the notebook and again open it So you don't need to run again to see it output, this is the Advantage of Jupiter notebook.

Basically Jupiter.

Notebook is used for machine learning or data antics projects For this tutorial purposes and to learn Python quickly.

You can use Jupiter notebook because it executes quickly and You don't need to save and run the file again and again That's it guys.

If you have any queries, please leave a comment below see you in the next video.

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