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  1. Help. Upon initial changing of viewport size all menu items show with "menu" at the bottom. After I click the "menu" they compress and from then on in the same session it works. Upon re-visiting all menus show with "menu" at the bottom. Any suggestions? thanx

  2. Thank you! And made me smile when you read out your typos, so light hearted over the more serious tutorials 🙂

  3. would this code work on mobile media query? @media only screen and (max-device-width: 480px) { } the nav bar does nt show, please help. thank you so much.

  4. What program do you use to make them??? I do HTML and CSS coding on Windows 10 but when I make new documents it does not end up like yours. I can put in the html code and it accepts it but it does not accept the CSS code. What program do I need????? Please help.

  5. I know this is kinda (like a lot) late, but just a quick thanks for sharing the know! (Still think you shudda added how to include making the 'handle/menu' button… wudda given the tut more of a 'finished' feel – also, wudda saved me some time searching the web to find out how to do it…especially since I'm still looking for a tut that works. Wudda preferred getting the info in the way you explain it tho'. Lotsa good people trying to help by making instructionals, but not as many that can articulate as effortlessly… and if kissing-butt works for you, I gotta a shizzle-load to share… that is, if it'll help buttering you up enough to get that explanation…nudge nudge wink wink) Nonetheless, this tut has helped me conquer a number of CSS monsters, I wasn't expecting to slay, when I started watching this!

  6. Hi, I have an a scrolling website, but with no Navbar. How could I install or embed a plugin or this code source that you created into my existing website's html and css files without effecting the rest of the functions.etc.. of the website? Thank you!

  7. welll from my experiences, what i have notice most css3 functions works perfectly find with the thml5 tags, and this might just be me but i recommend people to use html5 tags with css3 codes.


  8. Menu didn't work here.
    I use one class in nav, ul and li tags, could this be a problem? I already tried removing ul's class.

  9. Thank you very much for the video. The only problem i seemed to run into was the menu not showing up after the "showing" class was toggled. After trouble shooting it hit me that it could be very easily fixed by adding "!important" to the max-height within the "showing" class. For whatever reason the class was not overriding the initial max-height of "0" but after adding "!important" everything is working as intended.
    .showing {
    max-height: 20em !important;

  10. all css styles are not applied to the webpage but this video tutorial is very clear and easy to understand.may i know the reason for the problem

  11. sweet and simple, leaves it open for customisation. What about adding in a submenu for one link any guidance? This is where nobody online has really covered. Both responsive and sub links in a simple nav. any help would be appreciated

  12. How can i have the same transition without using the google jquery library i'm using a external js so all of my function is there so how can i do it?

  13. Nice Video, helped me a lot, keep it up.

    But i have one question.
    If i open up my navigation bar, it puts itself over the text or whatever is on the website. What i want to have, is that it pushes the text down, like your lorem ipsum text.
    Any ideas ?

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