Rugged Liner | Export Opportunities in China | MEDC

I'm Yannick Griner and I'm in charge hereat Rugged Liner of International Sales Rugged Liner is a manufacturer and distributorof bedliner, the Rugged Liner brand and tonneau covers, the rugged cover brand, and we currently export in 70countries around the world, rugged covers and our rugged liner in terms of a pickup truck, the Chinese marketis actually growing, what is interesting is that the Chinese market now has a demand for American made, full sizemuscles pickup, like the F150, Silverado, Sierra, or the Dodge Ram those are pickup trucks that I know are inhigh demand in the Chinese market and its something we have written in the last year, year and a half this represents a tremendous opportunity forRugged Liner because we have obviously the applications for the bedliner and tonneau cover for these vehicles in addition, Chinese consumers view USA ashigh quality, high reliability and they are actually inclined to pay top dollars to buy American made product,this is the main lesson we've learned from the trade show and from our current customers, and as this trend keeps growingwe see more and more opportunity in the Chinese market because of this new found opportunity in theChinese market that we've discovered in the interest of some of the Chinese consumers, the Step trade show thatthe MEDC was participating in came at the right time, it was a perfect match we would be attending with the MEDC in theChinese market and basically have our own little space in the Pure Michigan at the same time showcasing Michigan madeproducts the opportunity turned out to be very successfulbecause we met all of our current customers and we made several prospective Chinese and also internationalcustomers from the Middle East and from Africa that attended that trade show.

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