Sales Motivation: “Self Image Was Missing In My Business” – HTC Testimonial

– I'm Aron Choi, and I want to take a couple of minutes totalk about my experience in High Ticket Closer.

So, why did I join High Ticket Closer? I work in the medical field, I have a medical degree, I work with patients, I run my own business.

But I never really consideredmyine;”>self a salesperson, until just recently, I ran into a couple of situations where patients were referred to me, and theywould ask questions like, how much does it cost? Or, they would ask,how is working with you any different than workingwith another doctor? And, I wasn't able toanswer those questions in a graceful and effective way.

And I lost those clients.

And that was happening more and more.

So I knew that something had to change.

I discovered High Ticket Closerthrough Dan Lok's TEDx Talk on the invisible force and self image.

And right away, I knew that Dan was the mentor who understood it from a deep experiential level.

More than other peoplewho talk theoretically about business or theoretically about sales and closing, I knew that the in this world has expanded.

And, I feel like I'vereally broken through a lot of those limiting beliefs that were holding me backthat I wasn't even aware of.

Six, 12 months from now, my goal was to make, initially week one, we were asked to state what our goals were.

And I wanted to make 20K a month.

But now that I look back on that, that 20K a month seems not just doable, but almost seems like I'mshort-changing myin.

I think if you're on the fence, then you know you need the skill.

If you're on the fence, you know there's something wrong and that you need to do something about it.

And you're probably on the fence because you probably don't trust Dan.

So, I'd say, listen, I am, I've done tons of courses, and this one's different, just in the fact that you will change the way you feel and view yourself.

And that is the beginning of creating a change in your life.

And, that is just on top of even all the actual closing skillsthat you will learn.

So, I want to say thank youDan, and Kayvon, and Desmin, and the High Ticket Closer family.

This is just the beginning,and I just can't wait to see where this goes after this point.

So, thank you very much,it's been life-changing.

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