24 Comments on “Sean Parker and Shawn Fanning talk about the launch of their new startup, Airtime | The Next Web”

  1. There’s been a lot of talk online today about Airtime(new video chat
    service). . .I played with it today and think it’s going to be the next big
    thing! Here’s a great interview with the founders, +Sean Parker and +Shawn

  2. It’s cool that Sean and Shawn created something that helps people connect
    like they did when they first met

  3. Just used it for first time…. never again… eh very strange just to have
    a face to face contact with strangers… cool idea tho

  4. I have just tried the new LIVE social network called ‘CatchMyWorld’ : very
    cool! The iPhone app ‘catchmyworld’ to LIVE broadcast works very well –

  5. Got to meet Shawn Fanning at their office, it was an awesome experience.
    Very modest and shy, but a great person. Hope they do well.

  6. you have become complacent? Who is saying we are bored of the internet,
    this video is marketing. That’s all you entrepreneurs do right? @sparker
    you aren’t doing anything new, you are re packaging something old and
    making it seem new with advertising and other benefits to make you
    extremely rich. For now just take my money

  7. It will take some courage for people to step out from their avatars and
    show their real face when debating online. Airtime could be the end of the

  8. Просто потрясающее… Молодец Sean Parker уважаю тебя очень!

  9. What type of camera did you guys use to shoot this? And how did you get
    such nice skin tones?

  10. this whole secret of what airtime actually would do was a complete
    overhype.. . am i really the only one who knew what airtime was gonna do
    from the start??

  11. Sean just looks like a wanker. Slagging off Facebook when he made loads of
    money off it from doing nothing.

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