Self Development – Dr. Myles Munroe | Les Brown gives life changing message to increase your value

Dr. Myles Munroe and Les Brown speaks a powerful message on the importance of self development

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17 Comments on “Self Development – Dr. Myles Munroe | Les Brown gives life changing message to increase your value”

  1. These channels, these people, their time, effort and struggles. Truly are saviours here on Earth. I thank you all ❤️

  2. May you all have a blessed and beautiful day in the name of our Lord Jesus! Can I please ask you brother/sister that you pray for me and my family? I need God in my life more than ever and this time I need him to stay with me. I will also pray for you too! ❤️❤️

  3. This remix was perfect it made me subscribe make more like this, the others was close but not this. It's almost like they're talking to each other!!!

  4. Dr. Myles Munroe indeed have fulfilled destiny, he fought the good fight of faith and chart a course for so many people to learn and follow. He will eternally remain a mentor to millions of people.

  5. This is very affirming and grounding!! your vision will let you know wear your going!! And nobody else has to see that but you!!. But along the way you can get distracted by emptiness pain and not feeling whole which can lead you to want to escape!!, I,'ve learned to seek no ones validation besides yourself!!, I don't always write down every goal! but the things I do or buy are for my dream!! I didn't have map or a guide, a mentor or a active father!! and i have made a lot of wrong turns!! ,but I,am still hear!!, life is short and not always fair, I,am in my latter years this dream and vision will not leave my spirit!!, Some will say your to old or you can't do it now!! Don't Believe That Negative Talk from yourself or no one!, if you still have a breath! you have a chance!

  6. This is so "rich" & "sweet", I'm getting cavities ??…how can ANYBODY!!!..dislike this?.

    Answer: someone has given up on life, someone has quit.
    But if you are listening to this, there's still hope, u can still make that move! ??

  7. 1 corinthians 6
    Vision and focus
    Time is limited
    Invest in yourself
    Identify yourself as a person of value
    Become a specialist and find your niche. Have the courage of conviction.

    Focus on the benefits
    Have self worth, go after life
    See life as it is
    Vision will be challenged with tests of trials/challenges
    Make a difference with your gift
    Vision will choose your priorities, diet, etc.

  8. Wow Lord thank you for the ability to Listen to 2 giant's of knowledge in our Time Myles and Brown ?

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