SELF-TALK CREATES REALITY – Motivational Video (Morning Motivation)

Many people want change in their lives. They believe that this change is very difficult or perhaps impossible. Many therefore become disillusioned with themselves and their lives and believe that their lives are not their own but that they are controlled through exterior circumstance. Many fail to realize the power that they have over themselves because they don’t understand the power of their conscious mind in directing everything that they do.

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14 Comments on “SELF-TALK CREATES REALITY – Motivational Video (Morning Motivation)”

  1. "If you have a poor mouth you're going to have a poor life." Ouch! (It's a good ouch though!) 🙂

  2. POWERFUL….I LOVE IT…My morning began with not me doing what I usually do, go for my morning walk, and talk to God, and listen to videos of morning inspiration with Bishop Jakes, Joyce Meyer, Joel Olsteen, Les Brown, Oprah Winfrey, and a host of others.
    My son dog was my first deed, he had gone to the bathroom in the house, a farm mess. I was furious, but then saw it as such, a DISTRACTION…I cleaned it up, came upstairs with my DC Kids, and went on with my day.
    Listening to this gave me even more determination to go FORWARD. ANYONE out here in this world who are in a dark place within your mind, remember like one of the speakers said, You are the DIRECTOR OF YOUR STORY HOW WILL IT END! Man I felt that, my book will be hitting shelves soon and I pray all who still have a dream to bring to life, GO FORTH AND DO IT, DON'T HIDE YOUR GIFTS BECAUSE OF LACK OF ANYONE, OR ANYTHING.

  3. It’s so refreshing to hear something positive, in a world of negativity. Please keep spreading the message, and I thank you!!! ???

  4. Very inspirational indeed but again only for this worldly pleasures to me after death is the real life not this one and to have a better life after death I believe we should recognise our one single loving compassionate creator in here and be thankful to him that he prepared and gave us a life and offered us another eternal happiness after this life

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