Serious Message for The Right Person

A Serious Message for One Person. There are three communities that are counting on the best of you. Patrick Bet-David talks about them in this episode of motivation Monday to start your week. Subscribe for weekly updates

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25 Comments on “Serious Message for The Right Person”

  1. We are here for just a speck of time, and it helps to have a perspective that includes those before and after us, to gain meaning, purpose, and vision. Thank you for the inspiration to action with more focus and better direction by seeing ourselves in a bigger picture than we're accustomed to.

  2. I really wish we could have a convo youre super intellectual i wish my father was like you
    You have such a strong male figure role that you chose
    And that i respect
    Thanks for your service!

  3. I think a lot of how you perceive people Vlad is by how smart they are. You've even started your talks at universities with Mobsters. My best friend is not academically smart and some would say not smart at most things and yet he believes he is (personally myself i don't think he is) what he views as smart and how i view it are completely different. But although I believe hes not smart, he can build and do all aspects of the building world because he knows how to follow. Theres no smarts in Autonomous actions, but….. there is discipline and its that in which makes him one of the best I see when it comes to building works.

    His discipline to follow a set of instructions and never deviate.

    Ive worked as a
    bodyguard 11yrs
    personal trainer hobby after i did my qualifications
    teacher 2 years
    Soldier for British Army

    Now I run my own business

    Ive gone through so many different avenues and ive even got qualifications (HNC,HND) In Marketing and a few other things.

    Im very good at spotting strengths in people and I'm good at spotting the ever present clumsy genius. Do you know that many Hi IQ people are incredibly clumsy? but many don't notice it because they can't believe that this person with such high academic value could ever be clumsy.

    People think i'm smart but i know i'm not i just don't tell them all. What I am good at however is anything that has my interest i will know it inside and out. I have a very good awareness.

    Again most hi IQ personalities have limited awareness.

    not sure what this whole comment is aiming lol, but thats my piece 🙂

  4. I will do one of my Inventions
    I got a serious brain injury years ago

    It destroyed my life …and hyper accelerated the creative region
    No math, or piano …but over 2,000 New Inventions poured out fast

    I needed that talk
    At 5:00 AM …here in Toronto

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