Shark Tank Young Entrepreneur Rejects Mark Cuban’s Offer

Shark Tank Young Entrepreneur Rejects Mark Cuban’s Offer


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Shark Tank is an American reality television series that premiered on August 9, 2009. The show is a franchise of the worldwide style Dragons’ Den, which originated in Japan in 2001. Shark Tank shows aiming entrepreneur-contestants as they make business discussions to a panel of “shark” investors, who then select whether or not to spend. One of the better shark tank episodes.

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13 Comments on “Shark Tank Young Entrepreneur Rejects Mark Cuban’s Offer”

  1. I would’ve absolutely taken this deal, mark cuban shits out millionaires overnight. Just to have this man take you under his wing is easily worth this company.

  2. I just liked the fact that kevin instead of being out asked the guy to try to get the other sharks

  3. "Your business plan is horrible, therefore I like it, and for that reason I'll make you an offer you will refuse, and because of that I'm out"

  4. This kid is so fucking dumb right now tbh where's partner's at? not with you trying to make a deal here, there in for the money trying too use you dude that what's going on here. you know how many companies fail and never make it? here you have a 10 dollar billionaire man who know how to make money and knows many people to help you make even more money. and your listening to your stupid ass teacher who's a loser i bet.. i hope your ass make's no money and you fail and look back and say hey maybe my partners are retarded.. and should have taken that deal now your poor cuz your parents put you in school you learned nothing cuz you seem really dumb tbh who go too school too party now your ass is in debt.. good luck lose

  5. 9:13

    thats the problem with silicon valley
    so much random shit products that have imaginary valuation and comes to nothing or bought by huge company and went to nothing

    does anyone remember that calendar app that Microsoft bought for $100 million?

  6. 6:51 "make me an offer under 2million. i can't get to 2million"

    7:02 "he asked a very simply question"

    umm… there was no question posed, you pretentious moron

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