“Should startups do SEO and if so, how?” by Andre Alpar, CEO @Performics ⚡️

By Andre Alpar, CEO of Performics

You can find the slides here: http://bit.ly/2xPB0Vi

Did you know that 90% of clicks on Google happen on the 1st page? 👀

Picture this: you’ve spent months building the best product, have now a strong user base, and are seeing nice growth through referrals. ✅
Only to realise your website is on page #2… meaning that, to the rest of the world, you simply don’t exist. 😱👻

Ok so maybe you should look into doing some SEO. But where do you start? How much time & money should you invest? What methods are the most appropriate given your business model & your startup’s stage? 🌱

Find out in this 45min workshop with Andre Alpar, CEO of Performics, one of the largest globally operating performance marketing agencies (+2,400 employees worldwide). After building a few companies, Andre was strategic marketing consultant at Rocket Internet for over 3 years. He’s also an angel investor in more than 40 internet startups and has started several online marketing conferences. Basically he’s an expert in both online marketing and startups, and is the ideal person to answer all your burning SEO questions. 🔥✌🏽

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