Should you Learn Java in 2018?

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Java was my favorite programming language back in the .com bubble days. I developed many websites and web apps based on Java web technology. I was especially into Java servlets and JSP in the day.

Java in 2018 is used for enterprise and Android development.

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19 Comments on “Should you Learn Java in 2018?”

  1. Frankly I'm admitting that these lanuages eg: java,python,php bla bla bla are preferred only because of simplicity. On the other hand cpp or c is really a such language which will make anyone realizing what coding is. How to think and give a clear cocept over coding. Though I've worked with java's web framework spring mvc, very soothing framework compared with php's laravel or codeigniter but I'm still in love with cpp…
    Main difference is java is for web and is a masterpiece when acting as a server side language…but for desktop application cpp is far better.

  2. Kotlin isn't necessarily faster and lighter than Java. It is in most cases slower (albeit by a tiny margin) than java due to the null checking and lack of primitives for numerics. Since all types in kotlin is essentially an object, it would also consume more memory – bringing back to the question of whether Java was really that bad to begin with.

    I'd say the king of OOP languages would be C#. It was redesigned from Java and is extremely fast moving as opposed to Java. It also has a lighter and faster JIT and GC, making it more suitable for microservices; although Java 11 (Long-term release) plans to catch up with AOT and modules which were introduced in Java 9. While JIT and GC can be changed, most people only care for out-of-the-box experience, making C# better in most scenarios.

    One language that looks good to learn is Rust. It looks better than C++, performs as good as C++, and comes with a package manager that's better than anything C++ has to offer. If I could dedicate time to learn a new language, it would be Rust.

  3. As long as you know a C-based language you can easily switch between languages. I first learned C# but switching to Java was easy because they are similar.

  4. If i start a new project, should i use java?
    Project is not very big, but i fell like that with java it'd be a rough start, but very smooth support later on

  5. The mainstream languages will not die out in the next few years. Java, C++, JS they will be there and you will be able to get a job.

  6. I don't know what to think yet of your content, but your attitude just got you a sub. 🙂

  7. I'm not working in a big-enterprise-large-giganormous company and we use Java. Now someone is trying Kotlin but Java is "our main" language.

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