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unding for Startups, small business and entrepreneurs with grants, loans and investments.

Starting a new business takes money. There is no getting around it. Fortunately, there are a variety ways to get the cash you need to start your dream.

Here’s a list for you:
1. Your own savings.
2. Grants
3. Crowd funding
4. A venture capital firm or angel investor

5. An SBA or small business loan
6. Family and friends.

1. Your own savings
You can finance your business from your own savings or perhaps through a mortgage on your home.

Self-financing has the advantage of not leaving you in debt (if you don’t mortgage the house) and not having to give away a piece of the equity of your business.

The problem is, starting a business costs a lot and you may not have enough in savings.

Further, if the business does go south, you could be left without a home. Use care in this approach to financing.

2. Grants
There are an abudance of grants out there…mostly from the government.

You have two challenges. The first is to find the grant. Grants are often based on business type and demographics like Geography and Ethnicity.

Once you have found your grant, you have to apply for it. The application process can be very competitive. It’s not really free money, because you have to work at getting it. However, the return on your time investment can be huge.

Grants can range from $100 to millions of dollars. Just keep searching until you find the one that is right for you.

3. Crowd Funding
Crowd funding is the new, and very successful type of funding. Through a crowd funding site online, you post your project or business idea.

Then the site will promote your project along side your personal promotion to your network. Funds roll in from family, friends, associates and complete strangers who believe in your project.

A popular crowdfunding platform named Kickstarter has rolled up over 1 Billion in pledged funds for over 62,000 projects thus far. Indiegogo is another option

4. Venture Capitalists and Angel Investors

Venture capitalists invest other people’s money, while Angel Investors use their own.

You will definitely need your financial projections in order and have a business plan to approach either of these groups. Head over to for help with this.

Venture capitalists fund businesses to the tune of 2 million and up during the more advanced stages of startup.

While Angels provide seed money of $5000-100k, at the very early stages of startup.

VC firms and Angels don’t just give money away. Many will want a big piece of your business (often 50% or more) in exchange for their funding. They may also want a quick return.

5. The SBA (Small Business Administration)
The SBA has many ways to get seed money for businesses.

They operate with the government and work with banks. A lot of small businesses are in operation thanks to loans through the SBA.

They do require detailed documents regarding your personal and work history when applying. Also, a detailed business plan is a requirement here as well.

6. Family and friends
You can borrow money from your family and friends, or offer them a piece of the business in exchange for cash.

The problem with this approach happens if the business does not do well or if it fails.
Good relationships can get really strained under these circumstances.

The problem with this approach happens if the business does not do well or if it fails.
Good relationships can get really strained under these circumstances.

It’s critical to communicate well, before, during and after fundraising. You need to be clear on the problem you are solving, and a detailed forecast of your business finances.

Then, go get the money…It’s out there!

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