Social Media Marketing | Top 3 Free Marketing Strategies

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Com, and you're interested insocial media marketing to build your business,but you don't yet know the best social media, thebest free marketing strategies you can use on socialmedia to get you started.

Well, today I'm going togive you our top three free marketing strategies.

All of them leveraged, and, trust me, not just networkingwith people on Facebook, so I'm gonna tell both the how and the why for each of these strategies today, so you can create massivesuccess and leverage in your business, so stick around.

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For someone starting from scratch, who wants lifestyle, income, and freedom, and is willing to put in the work, there's honestly nothing better.

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Now, let's talk aboutthese three strategies.

Now each of them are using social media.

They're on social media platforms.

So you have to first understand why people are on social media.

The core of why people are on social media are for three reasons.

To consume information, to be informed; to be entertained; and to network.

Those are the three reasons.

They don't go there to be sold on stuff or to necessarily buy things, but they're on thereto consume information, to be entertained, and to network.

And so if you're gonnaleverage social media to build any kind of business, you have to fall within that framework.

You have to understand that for all three of these principles, or allthree of these strategies.

Now, the core of anysocial media marketing is gonna be build, engage, sell.

Build an audience, engagewith that audience, and then sell to that audience.

Now, I'm not going togo into a ton of detail on those core principles today.

I wanted to throw that out there, though, in case you haven'theard those terms before, because they're really important.

I did recently just do a video that goes in really good depth withexamples and everything about what this looks like, so I'm gonna throw thatin the description.

It's just called AffiliateMarketing on Instagram, and in there I go throughsome really detailed examples of what all that looks like for specific businesses andoffers and that sort of thing.

So the first strategywe're gonna talk about is Instagram, surprise! Instagram is one of thehottest and fastest growing social media platforms today.

There are over 800 millionusers on Instagram.

It's crazy.

It's really fast-paced,it's growing a ton, and you definitely want a presence there, if not immediately, eventuallyfor your business for sure.

Why I like Instagram so much is that you can really build your business in just a few minutes aday here and there, right.

When you're waiting in line, when you're waiting for the water to boil while you're cooking something, while you're in a meeting youdon't want to pay attention to at work, whatever it is, in just a few minutes a day, you can build an awesome business with Instagram.

Now on Instagram, it's aphoto-sharing application.

You share photos, andyou're gonna provide value through your posts for peoplelikely to be interested in whatever your offer is, your product, service, or opportunity.

So provide them value.

Know who your target audience is and give them what they want.

Give them information, entertainment, and networking abilities.

That's why they're on social media.

Leverage Instagram togrow a targeted audience.

You'll start off with zero, but you can quickly growa very targeted audience that is likely to beinterested in your offer.

You can also, with all of your stuff, across the board, you gotta remember that every once in a while you're gonna give a call to action on your post to tell them to take the next step.

To learn more about this awesome organic dog food, click here.

To do such and such, clickhere, go here, do this.

You're gonna allow people who want to take the next step,to take the next step and encourage them to do so.

Another reason we love Instagram is that you can automate a lot of it.

You can use some specific tools and tricks to automate a lot of your activity, and then just do, I prefer, you can really automate all of it, but I prefer to automatekind of the tedious, laborious stuff, and thendo more of the creative side in engagement, whereyou're actually creating the posts and talking with your audience, to do that more manual.

That's my preference, but you really could automate all of it.

Now if you want to get some detail, how to set up your bio,how to grow your followers, all of that kind of stuff, I don't wanna repeatwhat I just went through for our subscribers here,'cause you've probably already seen that in the Instagram video, but if you haven't, if you want details on Instagram, the link is gonnabe in the description here, it's called AffiliateMarketing for Instagram, and you can just click onthat and go get more details on Instagram and how exactlyto set it up and use it.

Our second strategy is Twitter.

Twitter is like bread and butter to us.

It's amazing what you can do on Twitter.

It's a super active platform.

There are over 370million users, I believe, at this point, and with Twitter you can automate a ton of activity and you can scale up.

Scale up, meaning quicklygrow bigger and bigger, and that is awesome.

'Cause we're all about leverage and not just prospecting and doing talking and working with people on Facebook, but actually creating an audience, a long-term asset.

You do that both in Instagramand Twitter and it is awesome.

So you can also with Twitter, 'kay, you can get your message in front of all of your followers that are online, and you're never gonnasee that on Facebook unless you're paying for ads, or Instagram unless you're paying for ads.

So Twitter is a really, really good place for small business ownersto market their businesses, because when they hit that tweet button, they tweet out their message, any followers that they havethat are currently online are going to see it and that is powerful.

Getting your message in front of hundreds, thousands, tens of thousands,hundreds of thousands of people in a day? That's money in the bank, right? So it is a really, reallygreat strategy for that.

You can also, through yourtweets, through your bio, you can actually drive traffic, or people and audience off to certain websites, or capture pages, ifyou use capture pages, to collect your leads orto get people to purchase.

So you can drive a lot oftraffic through Twitter, which is a big plus,because traffic is usually a huge issue for peoplewhen they are doing some sort of business they'retrying to market online.

You can also send your audience to other social media platforms and places that you've created content.

Say, YouTube, right? Where you have created avideo or something on YouTube, you can use your audience on Twitter, through your tweets and what you're doing, to send them to checkout your YouTube videos.

You can also send them overto your Facebook fan page, where you did a Facebooklive or something, so it's a great way tosyndicate your content across multiple platforms and get a lot of people checking it out.

Now when you're on Twitter, there are, the biggest thing is you wanna, when you set up your bio,which is like your profile if you're used to Facebook, when you set up your bio on Twitter, you want to explain topeople not who you are but why they should follow you.

What's in it for them? That's what marketing's all about.

What's in it for them? They don't care about you, they wanna know what's in it for them.

So your bio should clearly tell them why they should follow you and how they can take the nextstep when they're ready to, whether that's gettingsome sort of freebies, so you're capturing leads,or they're going to a website to purchase something.

So definitely do thatwithin your Twitter bio, within your website link,within your pinned post, and you can make, you canjust generate at on of leads, and make bunch of sales off of Twitter in a very automated fashion.

Now, tweet, what kind ofcontent do you provide, okay? Same idea, you wanna provide content that speaks to your target audience, people who are likely to beinterested in your offer, and leads them to purchase.

You know if you sell essential oils, then you could provide recipeson essential oil recipes, right, like cooking,like spearmint cookies, or whatever, and you're leading people through a process of wanting, hey, that's great information, 'cause they're on social media to consume information, right? So they're getting what they want and now they're thinking I wanna buy some spearmint essential oils and then, poof, you're right there with somespearmint essential oils for them to purchase.

So it works really well.

You wanna give them the information that they're looking for and lead them into the purchase.

Now, if you wanna learn the nitty gritty, the details of how to use automation with your Twitter account, how we generate up to 32 leads a day on full automation without paid ads through Twitter, I'm going to have a linkto our Twitter webinar below in the description as well, so you can definitely check that out if you decide that Twitteris where you wanna focus.

Number three is YouTube.

YouTube is hot, YouTube is amazing, YouTube is the number two search engine in the entire world andit's owned by Google, which is the number one searchengine in the entire world.

So that is important to, I mean, the future is video.

People want to see.

If you're looking for something like how to fix a leaky faucet, do you wanna go to aweb page and scroll down and try to read through a bunch of text, or do you want some fix-itguy on a video saying, okay, first off, you just do this.

Second off, you do this, right? People want video.

Video is the future.

And especially for small business owners, people, and just in general, people buy from those theyknow, like, and trust.

Or feel like they know,like, and trust, right? Video is the fastest way,fastest marketing strategy, to build that know,like, and trust factor.

So you can get really goodopt-ins or sales conversions and things off of video.

So YouTube is powerful.

Now, provide valuable information, again, for people who are likely to be interested in your offer would want.

So again, we take that spearmint cookies, essential oil thing, right? It's a recipe for spearmint cookies and it uses essential oils,you could actually do a video cooking it, showing theingredients that you're using, putting it all together.

In the description have thefull recipe they can print, and you know, have the linkto purchase your product.


You can leverage your Twitter account and even your Instagram account, your Facebook account and elsewhere, to syndicate your content,so you upload a video to YouTube, you can actually post that out onto your other social media platforms to get people to watch yourvideos, which is great.

Search engine.

YouTube isn't just a placepeople go and browse, they actually search for specific things.

It is a search engine.

People type in how toblah blah blah, 'kay? So you need, so if YouTube'sgonna be your game, if that's what you're gonna do, you're gonna learn howto rank your videos.

When people type insomething, you want your video to show up, so there'sall kinds of trainings and things available for you on that.

You also want to know what people are actually searching for that's related to your industry and what your offer is, so there is, I'll give you a quick tip, write this down, Keyword Everywhere.

Keyword Everywhere.

It is a cool Chrome pluginthat's gonna help you when you're actually,you can actually search in YouTube and it's gonna tell you how many people per monthare searching for that, and it's gonna give yousome really good ideas on things you wanna createvideo content about.

Now, with video in general, some people are very, veryscared to start video, but guess what, you're goingto suck at the beginning and that's okay.

I sucked big time at the beginning when I started on video,but you will get better and better over time.

And the only way toget better is to do it.

And you don't need any special equipment or have fancy editing abilityor anything like that, you can truly start with your cell phone.

Most cell phones todayhave amazing cameras on them and will work just fine.

Now, with your videos, alwaysthrow in a call to action for those to take the next step.

To go to your website, togive you their information, to do whatever.

You want that in your description and give them that call to action.

Now, if you are ready to dive deeper into how to learn moreabout automated sales on social media, ifautomation is your game, you don't want to behustling and grinding it out all the time, making phone calls, doing different things for your marketing, if you wanna automate as much as possible, you definitely want toclick the very top link in the description,because we're giving you our social media salesautomation training.

We're gonna lay out foryou exactly how to do this through social media,how to automate sales, so you're not hustling andgrinding it out all the time.

Which, if you're busy,if you're busy mom, dad, parent, you're just busy in general, you're definitely gonna appreciate that.

So click that link tocheck out our social media sales automation training.

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So comment and let me know that, and any questions that may have come up.

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