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We are located in Vietnam, sister companies in Japan and Canada. Sales Agency in USA.

Since 2004, We have been focusing and very strong in developing follows software:
1. Web Application Development using sophisticated JavaScript. We prefer using PHP, Java and C#. We are very good at ExtJS.
2. Smartphone Application Development (iOS, Android).
3. Apple MAC OS Desktop Application Development (the applications which are able to run directly on Apple Machine like Mac Book).
4. Windows Application Development, especially the application need to communicate with external devices via USB, Bluetooth.
5. Embedded Software Development (software run inside Chip).
6. Animation or Games by HTML5 or ActionScript.

Please contact us in case you need your software to be developed smartly and quickly. Skype: quanthvn

Further information please visit Exceeding Software Corporation at

Working with us, you will find that Exceeding Software Corporation is the best software company you have ever found, a trusted partner in long run.