Software Developer Job Types

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Software Developer Job Categories

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TomDelongesAlienLover says:

Extremely helpful, thanks!!

Berin Berchmans says:

You sound like mark zukerberg( the social network version) at 1.5

sentinel23 says:

are you a jap


Getting tips from experienced freelancers is also super key to knowing what mistakes to avoid and how they find good jobs. There's a good collection of stories from freelancers on this page:

rico bruh says:

yo we still using 1.5 speed on yo vids

Wasay M says:

I don't know what it is…. i guess it's your hand gestures are too much I believe… that makes your talk a bit unsmooth… may be it's just me who thinks that way….

Alm1r says:

1:35 wtf i'm not the only one

OdicforceSounds Channel says:

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The Watcher says:

You didn't even state freelancing, so for me that made the whole video look bad. Disliked.

Shawn Lin says:

Guessing you could go to a hat software company with so many hats. Haha, like your video.

Alex Luwees says:

Really good video , whats the instrumental playing ? its rly relaxin

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