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  1. Dave you should get paid for all the crappy questions you get on your channel. You've become a CS guidance counselor lol.

  2. hey Dave I'm looking for a career change and was just looking at tech schools. do you need to have a bachelor's degree or would associates still be okay?

  3. Dave, I have a background in pure mathematics and I am interested in getting into the software development field. I have picked up several programming languages throughout college, however I haven't learned how to "program" with respect to the conceptual framework that is offered through CS programs. In your opinion would it be a better decision to go back to school for a MS in CS or should I just find an entry level software development job and learn through work experience?

  4. Nice video, very informative. I actually live in NY as well, down on Long Island actually. Right now I'm at Nassau Community College pursuing a degree in Computer Science to transfer to a 4 year, gain my bachelors and hopefully get a promising job as a software developer or UX/UI designer at a well established company. As far as learning to program , what language would you advise me to start out with first since I'm sure actually knowing how to code would make the classes much easier. See, my plan is to work at a company for a few years, gain experience and start my own project on the side, something along the lines of an app for smartphones that people will benefit people's lives in some way. I have the creativity necessary but now I just need to toughen it out with these courses. Any advice would be greatly appreciated man. 

  5. how a computer science engineering fresher graduate get the developer job or
    what things to do to get the developer job while studying CS
    this is most asked questions by fresher's
    will you make a video on this so that I can show in my college so they get the idea and they will start working hard
    thank you in advance

  6. Awesome video!!!, I have two question though. I've heard that for software developers only 30% of their job is about coding, because most of it is outsourced to India, so my question is, What is the other 70% about ?. The other question is once you have the 1st entry level job, how do you scale, i mean, how do you get better pay and position in a company?, I know this is kind of broad, but any info would be really appreciated, Thanks :), AWESOME what you are doing man, really good vids !

  7. Stupendous! This series is going to be really informative and interesting.
    The tips are really great.

  8. Hey Dava Xiang ! i am doing my bachelor in Computer Science and currently i am in second year and in my course work there is lots of math stuff and i really really suck at maths but i want to be a software developer in future but i am worried is software development or software engineering will require mathematical skills? please upload a video on this , Thanks

  9. Great video, Dave! Thanks a lot! Plus really liked the way that the approach to answers was not too super superficial but not to in-depth neither.

  10. Sorry for my rant but I really like your videos and you seem cool just like Matt Tran

  11. I hope you're doing good, I'm trying to become a software developer too. But I am not sure if I will be able to make it. I am a junior in computer science, but I always feel like I will never learn everything. Also I feel like the students know a lot more than I do and I'm always behind. I felt so unmotivated that I even failed my Python course at my new university I just transferred into it. I hated Python and especially my professor he was so boring and non engaging

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