Startup Entrepreneurs Must Learn to Run Before They Can Walk

The best videos for startup entreprenurs are on Valuetainment Weekly with Patrick Bet-David. In episode #55, Patrick discusses the significance of Tony Stark’s quote “Sometimes we must learn how to run first before we can walk.”

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17 Comments on “Startup Entrepreneurs Must Learn to Run Before They Can Walk”

  1. Yes we all need to use the Chipmunk arsenal at our disposal.  Urgent + fast = Momentum to the next level of success as a new business owner! "Everything is Math" PBD

  2. Great point made here in that when you are a start up company you are small and nimble and have the ability to think quick on your feet, without being tied down by layers of business bureaucracy!!! Thanks Patrick as always for a great message!!! Have a great day!!!

  3. Still going- great video. Very true, in fact, I heard from Tim Han that billionaires/millionaires all have one trait in common- they do everything NOW. So I feel that the key thing to making a startup work, is that you have to be urgent. And if you mix that with patience, you can eventually become a millionaire, or billionaire.

  4. Lesson: As a amateur entrapaneur, you have to make decisions quickly. Waiting for 6 months doesn't work, because you're always on the brink of going out of business. This can be a disadvantage, or it can also be and advantage. Flipping the scenario, big companies can't make quick changes. You have that luxury. It might take them a few months or even years to make large changes to their company.

  5. Be as urgent as you can be. Run and move quickly. The Lean Startup and Sprint can teach us how to do that. Make quick experiments designed to tackle a question about the business rapidly and learn if taking that move will be fruitful rapidly within a week or less. Discard what doesn't work rapidly and improve on what does work immediately.

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