Startup Funding and Execution by IP Ventures | Sumeet Kapur | Founder Wellcure, Co Founder IPV

Sumeet Kapur : Co Founder IP Ventures and Founder talks “How Inflection Point Ventures not only Fund Startup but also helps them in Execution”

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To us Angel investing has always meant giving back to entrepreneurs and supporting the teams and their missions. It is also a way to stay current and active and learn about new technologies, businesses, ideas and people. An inherent part of angel investing understands the risk, both qualitatively as well as quantitatively.

The aim of IP Ventures is to make angel investing accessible to all. We believe start-up ecosystem focuses on ideas and innovations of founders backed by vast network of mentors and collaborators with years of experience and massive knowledge base while providing feasible solutions with added opportunities in a more scalable way. IPV has been the catalyst in bringing together a wonderful and experienced set of people from various platforms and leveraging the knowledge of serial entrepreneurs with innovative methodologies in building the successful business empires.

The IPV Platform stands out for the amount of rigor that appears to go into evaluation and due-diligence. To create a good Start Up Ecosystem and help out Start-Up and Angel Investor, Inflection Point Ventures will be uploading more videos by Industry experts.

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