Startup Funding Club SEIS fund – Joseph Zipfel interview

Would you like to have invested alongside business angels in one of the fastest-growing B2B SaaS companies in the UK when it had just tens of thousands in revenues? Or the Welsh company, founded in 2017, that is now supplying paper straws nationally to McDonalds? Investing in early-stage companies may be high risk and failures are common, but Startup Funding Club seeks to give adventurous private investors the chance to back businesses with high growth potential when they are still embryonic. We meet Joseph Zipfel, investment manager at the London-based fund, to find out how they approach SEIS investing. How many companies would an investor get in a portfolio? What sort of companies do they select, and how do they find them? How involved are they in the companies’ growth? How do they manage the risks? And what sort of returns might be possible? Watch the interview to find out.

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