Startup Funding Explained – Incorporation and First Investor (Part 1)

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– Startup Funding Explained –
Seed, Post-Seed, Series A, Series B. Convertible Notes vs. Priced Rounds. Common vs Preferred Shares vs. Stock Options.
The fundraising process for a startup requires a crash course on some terminology that you’ve probably never heard of.
There’s no evil corporation making it confusing on purpose, you know, like banks and credit cards. This is just a complex topic that requires an understanding of some legal and financial terminology.
When companies have such vast potential, and when you deal with such large sums of money, everyone wants protection to make sure their time or their cash investments are safe.
So- to better explain all of this, we are going to tell the story of a startup company, from funding to IPO.

Starting the company – 0:53
Company Valuation – 3:11
Company incorporation – 4:20
Vesting – 6:39

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  5. Gaaaahhh I need more lol, great content Caya as always, so when the founder left the company with say 15% shares, do they get the option to sell their share? Can they get a loan from a bank and use their share as from previous company as collateral?

  6. This is the best break down I've ever come across and I can't wait till next Tuesday to ask Caya live on discord because I have a question or two on this.. Thank you so much, this channel is the best thing on YouTube and the founderhub is also awesomeness.

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