Startup Funding Explained – Series A Funding (Part III)

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A couple of weeks ago, we started telling the story of a theoretical company: from incorporation to first rounds of funding.

The idea was to use examples to explain how the company cap table evolves and how the legal process works through all these steps.

Welcome to part 3 of Startup Funding Explained!

If you haven’t watched Startup Funding Explained Part 1 and Startup Funding Explained Part 2, please make sure to check them out first.

Part 1:
Part 2:

0:25 – Direct access to catch up with parts 1 and 2
0:30 – A founder quits
1:43 – Series A funding
2:55 – Series A funding – The Board
3:53 – Series A funding – Preferred Shares
5:42 – Series A Math
5:53 – Series A Investors
8:16 – Series A Money
9:22 – Series B and Series C

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11 Comments on “Startup Funding Explained – Series A Funding (Part III)”

  1. 8:33 "With their $2.5 million, they are going to purchase shares at that exact price." How are they getting more than 2.5 million shares? If something costs more than a dollar, I should get less than the dollar amount I spend.

  2. Hi guys . I just wanted to show my appreciation for all your informations you shared here, I personally learned a lot . I didn't have access to top mentors in Italy but your videos shed light on lots of ambiguities . I was thinking if you could write a bot where every entrepreneur could go through it based on his stage and watch these videos would be better than some accelerators . Hats off to you

  3. I don't get how the protection works, so if there were 3 investors, each invested 2.5M, and the company got acquired/liquidated only at 5M, and those 3 investors expect at least 1x of their investment back, then how does the math add up? I mean, each of them put in 2.5M, that's 7.5M in total but the company only has 5M that it can distribute to the investors who are expecting at least 1x of their investment…. Sorry, might be a dumb question or somehow I missed something.

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