Startup Funding Summit 2019 | GET THE EARLY BIRD OFFER – 70% OFF

Startup Funding Summit is India’s First and Biggest Online event where you learn from India’s top founders and investors about fundraising. It’s an online event. No travel needed.


India’s First and Biggest Online Startup Event about HOW TO RAISE FUNDS for your startup!

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Learn Directly From India’s Top 30+ Startup Founders and Investors.

Startup founders, investors, and entrepreneurs reveal how they raised funding for their startup and their advice to other entrepreneurs!

Startup-Funding-Summit’s mission is simple –
To increase awareness and educate entrepreneurs about the fundraising process for their startup. We do so by interviewing India’s most successful entrepreneurs, startup founders, and investors and learn about their journey and experiences.

Here’s what you get when you join –

Life-Changing Video Interviews of 30+ Experts About Their Journey
Ready-To-Use Proven Templates
Bonus Content, Cheat Sheets, and Exhaustive Lists
Member-Only Exclusive Facebook Group
Live QnA Calls
Audio Downloads

and much more.

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Major Themes Covered in the Event-

Do you REALLY NEED funding for your startup?
How to VALIDATE a startup idea before fundraising?
How to BOOTSTRAP your startup?
How to calculate the VALUATION of your startup?
How to make the PERFECT PITCH DECK?
How to APPROACH the investors the right way?
How to RAISE ANGEL ROUND of funding?
Understanding all about the TERM SHEET
How to prepare for Venture funding
and so much more…

5-Day Event,
1-5th Nov 2019

ONLINE – No Travel Needed

Entrepreneurs, Startup Founders and those looking to start their own startup and wants to learn all about fundraising.