The 50th Law by 50 Cent and Robert Greene (Study Notes)

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44 Comments on “The 50th Law by 50 Cent and Robert Greene (Study Notes)”

  1. Awesome work. I am almost finishing all the books you shared. It has helped tremendously n enhanced my knowledge. You are a huge asset to the world, huge. Thanks

  2. A Bronx Tale. One of my favorite quotes of all time comes from that movie. “The saddest thing in life is wasted talent.” — That line has stuck with me ever since I was a kid. ??

  3. When I listen to your videos it's like listening to a father figure. The importance of taking action with this information is constantly in my mind. I'm making slowww progress but I'm happy with it so far. Thank you so much Joseph!

  4. Great job on breaking this book down and picking out the key ideas, Joseph. I remember reading this book 4 years ago and found it overwhelming with the vast information within it.

    This will be a brilliant book to use and build a mind map on as part of your course ??

  5. Joseph BHAI.namaskar.I am from India and huge fan of yours.last night I was taking notes from think and grow rich study was mid night,so I need to go bed and left the remaining portion for study notes you precisely explsin'thougt are things'.so I start expecting you to soon release perspective on 50th law as I am big fan of Robert green.but much to my surprise,I open YouTube and you give perspective on 50th law.thoughts become thing within 24 hours.thanks joseph BHAI.again iam a big fan of yours.

  6. Make summaries once a week you make it easier for us business personals who can't find time to read to get some knowledge in during the free time we get. You are doing a service that we can't take for granted. Thanks so much. Your voice is also very mellow and the tone is consistent. You can make a good narrator. Keep it up.

  7. SIR NICE VIDEO, There is one other book name is "Letters from a Self-Made Merchant to His Son" Author -George Horace Lorimer will you please make video on this book.

  8. bro your voice is very clear.
    No difficulty in understanding.
    You are best Audiobook channel on YouTube
    Your Audiobooks are very helpful for us who don't have access to great teachers & education.
    Very Very much Thanks brother for sharing.

  9. Epic work ⭐️ working on your self is very overwhelming on the journey now but slowly I’m becoming the person I want to become – fearless and self confident ?

  10. I think if it wasn't for his gift of rapping he would of never (got noticed) / made it in corporate business world. Looking at him in his first rap video- no corporation would have even offered him an interview for any type of job. He looked liked another Tupac 3.0. Thanks to the global economy of Hip Hop many previous unnoticed business talents are now recognized- hence the reason so many try to make it in sports/ entertainment- without the entry door of entertainment he would of ended up as many of the masses of the Disadvantage fine themselves- he would of ended up being a successful hustler until retirement or jail or &&&&$%%%%. there are trunk load of people with his type of talent that were not entertainers who ended up in prison or discarded in the streets recycling center.

  11. 50 cent? Hes not even worth that due to his thing life being glorified by his Hollywood handlers, fk him and his bogus bullshit

  12. Outstanding summary and your own perspective on this book. I have read this book twice and I find your perspective on each point very educational! It reinforces the concepts and lessons with a different view. By the way, can you provide a sample of weekly material if one is to join the channel? I am just curious what type of content and whether it will help my goal at the moment. I can be reached at [email protected]

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